Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Newspaper Clippings Preservation Technique

This technique is in answer to Sue's question about how to preserve newspaper clippings without using a store bought solution.

There are a few good mfg'd sprays to use on acidic ephemera (Archival Mist & Make It Acid-Free) but when you are short on time, funds or you simply can't find these pre-made solutions, here is a little trick to get you through!

Recipe for Preserving Newspaper Clippings


Club Soda

Milk of Magnesia Tablets

Large Cookie Sheet

Newspaper Clippings

Towels or other absorbent surface

Iron (optional)


1. Dissolve 1 Milk of Magnesia tablet in 1 quart (.95 liters) of club soda.

2. Let this mixture stand in the refrigerator over night.

3. The next morning, stir the mixture and pour it into a large baking sheet.

4. Place the news paper clippings into the solution for 1-2 hours. Since you're working in a baking sheet you may soak more than one clipping at a time. Whatever space allows.

5. Carefully remove the clippings from the soda/M.O.M. solution and place on the paper toweling (or other absorbent surface). Allow to dry completely.

6. (optional) If you would like you can run a warm (NOT hot) iron over the clipping to flatten.

Your clippings are now ready for use!

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