Saturday, August 29, 2009

Decoupage Altered Plates

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my niece and her grandma came over to was actually my first official "class" in my new room! Anyway, they have been wanting to learn about decorating glass plates for a long time and we were finally all available at the same time.

This is Kayla ~ my niece ~ playing with Cecil before we got started....

Deco Plates 002

Kayla's grandma working on one of her plates...

Deco Plates 001

and sharing the finished plate...

Deco Plates 008
This plate was my fav. After she had finished the center I used some of my favorite green Alcohol Inks (Pesto, Meadow & Lettuce) to color the edge. The plate had an amazing bubble texture on the back side which really added a way cool dimension to the plate after I applied the inks.

Deco Plates 009

And here were all of the plates we worked on.... Kayla's is the small pink/white/purple plate, I made the small green plate and Kayla's grandma made the two larger plates.
Deco Plates 011
She's going to be making them for gifts for her family this Christmas :)
It was a really enjoyable day!


  1. I have made similar ones with fabric, loved te plates and thats what I did for xmas, so I guess great minds think alike. take care

  2. oooh, those would make cool Christmas gifts. I need to go find some cheap glass plates...

  3. I am so tickled to see this post.... one of my favorite things to do with my dp scraps is to tear them up to cover paper mache pieces i.e... boxes, crosses, books, tags, letters... the list is endless and I never have to throw any thing away.
    Everytime i sit towatch tv i always have my box to sit and tear away...its amazing how relaxing tearing up paper can be. I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one...thx

  4. Hi there Roni!
    I just wanted to pop over and let you know that I just bought and recieved your book! Iam in Canada and the best way for me to order your book was through

    I truly believe that your book is the very best book in my collection...and I have a massive collection!

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    I think if anyone is just getting into this mixed media world they would only need your book!

    So Roni, THANK-YOU!!!!!
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  5. It IS a fun project :) It's great to see you think so too!!

    Tammy, Thank you soooooo much!!! Oh my goodness, I am overwhelmed ~ I'm so very glad you like the book so much! I appreciate it!

  6. how cute! and nice of u to hold a class! cher


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