Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lumiere Resist

Today I have a great background technique to share with you...Lumiere Paint Resist. If you're unfamiliar with this paint, it's an amazing vibrant paint with a hint of shimmer that withstands heated techniques very well and is very versatile (as you well know if you've got the Collage book!).

Unlike many paints, once Lumiere paint is dry it will resist dye inks and retains it's bright luminescent colors. We're going to be taking advantage of this particular property in today's background technique.

Lumiere Resist

Lumiere Paint Resist 001


Lumiere Paints

Glossy Cardstock

Ink Blending Tool & Foam

Non Stick Craft Mat

Dye Ink (Distress Inks)

Plastic Wrapping (to apply the paint)

Heat Tool


1. Squeeze out a small dab of Lumiere Paint onto the Non Stick Craft Mat.

2. Crumble up the plastic wrapping into a manageable size.

3. Dab the plastic wrap into the paint and pounce off the excess. We're going for a "dry brush" effect.

Lumiere Paint Resist 003

4. Pounce the paints onto the glossy cardstock in a random pattern. Turning your cardstock periodically helps maintain a random design.

Lumiere Paint Resist 004

You may add as much or as little paint as desired.

Lumiere Paint Resist 005

You may also choose to work with more than one color. I usually don't use more than 3 as it gets a bit distracting but that's totally up to your personal taste.

Lumiere Paint Resist 008

This image shows off a bit of the shimmer quality of the Lumiere Paints...

Lumiere Paint Resist 006

5. Heat the paint to ensure it is completely dry or let it dry naturally. The paint must be totally dry before moving on to the next step or it will smear and ruin the blending Foams.

6. Apply desired color of dye inks to the cardstock using the Ink Blending Tool and Foam. I am using Distress Inks but any dye ink will work.

Lumiere Paint Resist 009

The Lumiere Resist paper is now ready for use!! It's great for making cards, scrapbooks, tags, and so much more! It can be die-cut, stamped etc.

Here are just a few examples of some Lumiere Resist backgrounds....

Lumiere Paint Resist 012

Lumiere Paint Resist 013

Different angles of the same example...

Lumiere Paint Resist 016

Lumiere Paint Resist 015

You might also choose to use more than one color of ink....

Lumiere Paint Resist 019

Lumiere Paint Resist 021

So there you go...

a great background paper technique to add to your little bag of inky tricks!!

Tomorrow I'll share a few examples of finished cards using these background papers.

TTFN Friends!!


  1. just beautiful! thank you for sharing.

  2. beautiful, simply love the effect!

  3. Absolutely beautiful - I love the shimmer!! But is it okay if I first thought of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast? Hey, you know I'm crazy my friend! (((HUGS)))

  4. Awesome! I just love learning new techniques. The paper you did with multiple ink colors are especially beautiful. The orangey one makes me think of a flock of colorful birds being startled into the sky at sunset.


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