Monday, August 3, 2009

Aura Inking

Good Monday to Everyone!

A few people have asked me about a blinkie or banner to add to their facebook or my space site as well as to add to their blogs. Is there anyone out there that knows how to do that? I searched the web and all I can find are blinkie makers for "cute" stuff using predetermined choices...dolls, and other cute stuff. I just want it to be my blog banner but I have no clue how to make it or how to get the computer language to make it link back here... I'm so not good at computer things!!!

On to today's technique!

Aura Inking

I've heard this technique referred to as shadow inking but it just doesn't cut it...shadows are dark ~ usually black and this technique is so much more than that. I recently saw it referred to as Aura Stamping...well there really is no stamping with the aura part so I termed it Aura Inking!

Now, I have to tell you being a kid in the 70's everyone was into "auras"...I always thought it was silly but I found a fun and funky web-site about that very thing...Crystal Links - Aura. It even gives instructions on how to see a persons aura - how fun is that? LOL!! The same site also has a great link about color meanings. That's pretty useful when you want to make your own color book or other personalized projects.

Aura Stamping Technique001



Masking Paper (I use JudiKins Eclipse Tape) or Scrap Paper

Rubber Stamp (B-Line Designs)

Ink (Ranger)

Ink Blending Tool & Foam (Ranger)


1. Stamp image on cardstock and on either Masking Paper or scrap paper (this will become your mask). (**Note - I'll have more about this masking paper in the near future.)

Aura Stamping Technique002

2. Trim the image you stamped on the masking paper or scrap paper. By doing so you'll create a mask that we will use in later steps. Trim as close as possible to the stamped design for a nice clean aura.

Aura Stamping Technique006

3. Carefully place the mask over the stamped image - pay close attention and be sure to line the mask up with the original image for the best results.

Aura Stamping Technique007

4. Apply desired color of inks using your Ink Blending Tool & Foam. Now this is where the fun comes can use one color, two or more! Anything your heart desires!!

Aura Stamping Technique010

5. Carefully remove the mask from the original image ~ if you're careful when you remove the mask you may reuse it several times.

Aura Stamping Technique008

Now, check out the results....

Aura Stamping Technique009

This is a fun technique to experiment with...notice how changing the color of ink changes the whole feel of the image.....

Aura Stamping Technique011

Here is what an image looks like after it has been colored and embellished a bit....

Aura Stamping Technique012

Pretty cool huh? It's relatively quick and easy and yields amazing results every time. The most time consuming part of the whole technique is taking the time to cut the mask out but as I mentioned before if you're careful when you remove it the mask can be used over and over.

Tomorrow I'll share a few finished examples of this technique in action!

Now, go get Inky people ;)


  1. Hi Roni, I just found your blog a few days ago and am really enjoying the wonderful techniques you show! I really like this "aura", especially the multicolored, finished product. So cool!

  2. Hi, Roni, love this simple masking technique! Can you provide the process by which you have arrived at the final creation? Love the sparkly look of the bling, especially!

    Also, you might try Shannon on the forum for help with your "blinkie" question. She is very techo-savvy!

    Kay Wallace

  3. Okay I just found you last week and LOVE your blog. The Blinkie topic was covered just a few days ago on another Blog I adore. Here is the direct link:

    I hope this will help you.

  4. This technique really works so well with the image you chose. I wouldn't have thought to do this. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. oooh I like this one alot! Beautiful!

  6. You're right about the fact that cutting the mask is the hardest part! I try to keep my masks in a binder so I can use them again and again. Also, need to remember not to use stamps with really thin and intricute shapes!

  7. Hi - just found your blog linked on another, and I've bookmarked you now. What a fab technique! Thanks for such a clear explanation. Off to try it now..

    Happy crafting,



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