Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mystery Technique - 10-19-10

Well it's been a while since I've posted a Mystery Technique so I thought today was as good a time as any!

Here is a couple of photos of the new technique I'm going to share with you on Thursday...
(the second photo is a close up of the first).

mystery technique 10-19-10 002

mystery technique 10-19-10 003

I can tell you that the spider (Just For Fun Rubber Stamps) is a red rubber stamp and the sentiment (Inkadinkado) is a clear acrylic stamp. 
The inks are both Archival Inks (Ranger). 
The paper is a plain white cardstock.

That's all the info you get...

Any guesses on what the mystery technique is?


  1. Very cute! I will be scraplifting this :)
    I have a couple of ideas -
    1)Stamping the inked stamp onto a background stamp to get the design.
    2) Stamping the inked stamp onto another an item of some kind -plastic net bag, screen or ?? to get the design.

  2. You inked up your stamp. Stamped it on a piece of wire and then onto your paper.

  3. Very cool technique! I think you inked your stamp, pressed it to a fly screen and then made your stamp.

  4. you "kissed" the stamps!! I love this technique!!

  5. Hmmmmm...enquiring minds want to know!! I like the other ideas and love the look. So I can't wait till Thursday!

  6. Ummmmm..... I think is double "stamp kissing"...

    Hugs from Spain

  7. I'm guessing the Kissing technique. That is where you ink up an image with one color ink then kiss another stamp to it and take away ink to leave a design. stamping sue

  8. I agree with the other stampers. We used to call it 'kissing' when you would ink the design you wanted then lifted some of ink with another item to add texture.

  9. I say either masking or stamp kissing.

  10. My guesses are:
    A] Stamping off (kiss method); or
    B] Masking

  11. Hmmmm, looks like you inked the stamp then stamped it on burlap before stamping on the paper. Looks fab!

  12. I like the kissing technique (must try it) but it looks like you stamped over a onion bag to me. Whatever it is love the look. Can't wait until tomorrow.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!