Thursday, October 14, 2010

Witchy Ways Mini Coffin of Frights

OMG ~ I am so excited to share this with'll see from the photos that I couldn't even wait till all the glue was dry - LOL!!!

Since we don't have any close by I normally only go to Michael's couple times a year so I miss lots of neat things BUT I was there a month or so ago and found some really cool little wood coffins...  I KNEW I had to get one cause it was just too cool to pass up.  I've been working on it a few days now and besides the wet glue it's all done!

Here you go....

Witchy Ways
Mini Coffin of Frights


Wood Coffin - Michaels
Black Acrylic Paint
Constantine Byzantia Stewart Gill Paint
Girl Stamp - Scrolls Work Rubber Stamp
Enamel Accents - Black - Ranger Industries
Dresden Trim - German Corner Store
Stickles Glitter Glue - Ranger Industries
Glossy Accents - Ranger Industries
Inkssentials White Pigment Pen - Ranger Industries
Distress Inks (re-inkers) - Ranger Industries
Archival Ink - Ranger Industries
Niji Waterbrush
Cheese Cloth
Mini Glass Vials (e-bay)
Charms (moon, challis, filigree strip)
Cardboard (for shelves & spacers)
Twine  (etsy)


1. Paint the outside and inside edges of the coffin with black acrylic paint.

Witch Craft 006

2. Paint the inside of the coffin using the Stewart Gill Byzanthia paint.  This paint is translucent but on nice fresh unpainted wood one coat will do the trick.  It's got a great shimmer you will be able to see in later photos.

Witch Craft 001

3. Close the coffin up and apply Black Enamel Accents to the edges of all sides of the coffin. 
NOTE: You will have to work on this in sections and let each section dry before moving on so you don't smear it.

Witch Craft 002

4. Glue various sizes/designs or all one design of Dresden Trim to the edges of the box, lid and top.  Add filigree decoration to the center of the top.

Witch Craft 005

5. Create "shelves" inside the lid of the coffin by rough fitting cardboard.  Color the cardboard black with a sharpie marker then glue it in the lid where desired.

Witch Craft 003

Witch Craft 004

6. Stamp girl image on white cardstock using Archival Ink.

7. Watercolor her dress and hair using Distress Inks and the Niji Waterbrush. 

8. To give her a more "ghostly" complexion I colored her arms and face using the Inkssentials White Pigment Pen. 

9. Glue a hat charm to her head and add Stickles Glitter Glue Accents to her hat and dress. 

10. Trim the girl from the paper and mount on 3 layers of cardboard (this will raise her from the back of the coffin adding depth.

11. Color the cheese cloth with Tea Stain Distress Ink.  After the cloth is dry, glue it to the bottom and insides of the coffin.

12. Make a witches broom by tying raffia to a twig and securing it with bakers twine.

13. Glue the little witch and the broom to the inside of the coffin over top of the cheesecloth.

Witch Craft 012

14. Make some goodies to fill your shelves!  This was so much fun!!  I used mini glass vials I've collected for a long time now.  I made each one different...added labels to some and left others blank. 

The Frogs Eyes are clear micro beads in Peeled Paint Distress Ink.  Wolfs blood is Mahogany Distress Ink; the "drink" on the top shelf is Spiced Marmalade DI; The "XX" is Adirondack Dimensional Pearls; the tiny vial on the upper left is a Stewart Gill product that I thought looked like ground up bones - lol!!  I made the Book of Spells by covering a folded piece of cardboard with specialty paper then distressed it and added ink here and there.

There really are no limits to the fun stuff you can create to stack on your shelves.  I ended up running out of room before I  ran out of ideas. So have fun with it...let your imagination run to the dark side for a bit ;)

Witch Craft 014

Witch Craft 019

Witch Craft 020

Witch Craft 021

And here is what the inside looks like when it's all finished....

Witch Craft 010

So if you're feeling a bit Witchy


Itchin for some fun...

I suggest you make your own

Witchy Ways Mini Coffin of Frights!

Now I know it's a bit late for this year but if you're up for a bit of your own witchy fun I'm willing to share my 2nd coffin so you can create your own little coffin of spooks.

All you have to do is post a comment and you're in :)

You have until 10-24-10 to post.

Good Luck Friends!


  1. So love this coffin That Stewart Gill Byzanthia paint is awesome! I usually am not a big fan of pink, but I just melted for this shiny layer of paint! Also love the black enamel accents. I'd be so happy if I could decorate my own coffin! Thanks for sharing and giving us the chance to win!

  2. Hi Roni -

    This is just awesome!! I can't believe how wonderful this came out! AND A BIG THANK YOU! Why? I was in Michaels and picked up on of the coffins too (also got a tombstone). I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I just couldn't pass it up. Now I know what to do with it. In fact, going to go to my Michaels tomorrow to see if they have anymore left.
    Let me tell you again this is just outstanding!

    Elaine Allen

    P.S. Don't include me in the drawing as I already have one. I just had to leave you a comment.

  3. This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I have a couple of these coffins myself, just wanting to be adorned...and I think this is the PERFECT way to do one of them! Amazing project! I will abso be recreating this! Thanks for sharing!

    We do not have Michael or anything alike here in Spain. even we do not celebrate Halloween, but I'd love to have one of this, just to try what you create. I love it

  5. Way fun! I love the Enamel Accents black drips and the Dresden trim on the box. Cool effect! Great project. If I get to Michael's I'll look for the coffins.

  6. This is so cute! I bought one of the coffins and I got one of the tombstones. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the coffin...but now I have a wonderful idea! I really love the enamel accents and I so need to get me some!

  7. In England we don't have a Michaels and have never seen these before. Love yours its brilliant and such fun. Annette

  8. well that is just cool. I love the bottles. I love miniature stuff

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  10. This is so fun! I love the spookyness of this coffin! I don't think our Michael's had that box!

  11. OMG thats "wicked" :D
    I loveit sooooomuch :D
    Julie xx

  12. What a fantastic project! I saw the coffins at my M's but I didn't buy any - I didn't know what to do with one. Now I know!!

  13. lol...I found these too! and of course sent them as gifts to folks I swap I will send them to you as your idea rocks as usual! so clever! Wish I had bought more now! lol...but its fine...always next year! cher

  14. So very cool! I just decorated one of these coffins yesterday (I'm posting it on Saturday on my blog) and I wish I had thought about the shelves! lol! Love the gold trim on yours!


  15. Love them! I'm not close to a Michael's either and I'm lucky if I get there once a year so I miss out on a lot.

  16. You are super clever and your little Coffin of Frights is delightful! Happy Haunting...

  17. That is spectacular! any respectable witchy wold be proud to have that adorning her 'brew room"! :OD

  18. Great idea! My hubby and I were just at Michaels and I saw these little wooden coffins and NOW I wish I would have picked up one! LOVE what you did with the SW stamp and interior and exterior of the little coffin!!

  19. WOW!!! thats so cool.
    halloween isnt as big here in Australia as it is in the US so finding cool little things like this here is rare... but my friend has a HUUUGE halloween party every year and we just cant wait.
    i'd love to make one of those coffins for her - i know she'll love it

  20. OH. MY. GOODNESS. This is positively spooktacular in every detail!

  21. Your coffin art girl and "lab" is gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing as always!

  22. This little coffin idea is so novel and unique.

    Love what you did...including the wolf blood

  23. LOVE this! i was not even aware that Michael's sold a wood coffin!!!??? i made my own out of a gift box - and then made a matching mini album for it...can you tell i love Halloween? lol So---ya gotta enter me in the giveaway---please!!!

  24. Wow, that Byzanthia paint is something else. The closest Michaels is 40+ miles away, so I never get to go. I would love to win this coffin and do it up for my son. He is into Death Rock, so would be great to win. Thanks for sharing your ideas and for giving someone a chance to make their own.

  25. Oh My!!! What a witchingly wonderfully creepy coffin! Fab idea! Please include me in your great giveaway..I will check Micheal's just in case! coffin case that is!!tee heehee

  26. I love your coffin, Roni. all the little bottles are so cute! I'd love to decorate one.

  27. Woah that is the most awesome thing ever! I LOVE those little bottles. I wish I could find some around here. Well done!

  28. WOW! This is AMAZING! I absolutely love the sections with the supplies. WOW!!!!

  29. This is too freakin' cool! Love it!

  30. Pick me...pick me as your winner of the mini coffin - pleaze!

  31. Ok that is just to frickin cool! I am totally in love with it and can't wait to play with more of my coffins now!!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!!

  32. Awesome! Amazing! I can't tell you how much I heart this!


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