Friday, May 23, 2008

Something new for Fridays!

I wanted to share with you something new I have planned for Fridays...actually 2 things! Each week I'm going to be alternating between an "Ink Stained Sketch" or "4 for 1". What are they you're asking...well they are....

Ink Stained Sketch

These are going to be a basic sketch that can be used to create not only Cards but ATC's, Skinnies, Scrapbook Pages...whatever you like! I will be sharing different examples (card, atc, etc.) of each sketch to get your juices flowing! Of course each example will incorporate rubber stamping on them somewhere otherwise they wouldn't be "Ink Stained" now would they - LOL!!!

If you really love sketches and would like to play along I will at the same time be posting a sneak peek of the next weeks Ink Stained Sketch. You can make a card, ATC or scrapbook page, whatever you want from the sneak peek sketch, send it to me before the next Friday and I'll post your creation along with my examples to share with everyone :) Sound like fun???? I sure hope so!!

4 for 1

The 4 for 1 is going to show 1 stamp used 4 different ways. This might include using a portion of a stamp, sharing a particular stamping technique, maybe using it on 4 different items (card, atc, lay-out, etc) or maybe I'll be sharing how varying the color scheme can change the whole mood of the stamp.

Why 4 for 1? Well I know many of us have a pretty big stash of stamps (and if you just started stamping, trust me your stash will grow!!) I also know lots of people are on spending freezes or trying to cut back. Hopefully this will get you to look at your stamp stash through new eyes...give you some inspiration to use what you've got or maybe just challenge you to pick up a stamp you haven't used in years!

Sound like fun???

Sound like something you'd like to see???

I sure hope so :)

I'll be posting the first 4 for 1 later this afternoon along with the sneak peek of next weeks Ink Stained Sketch! Hope you'll stop by and check em out!!


  1. Looking forward to this inspiration.

  2. Sounds fabulous, especially the 4 for 1. I have some stamps I haven't used much (some not at all) and I'll enjoy getting inspired!! Thanks for doing this for us!

  3. I love it! Both of the ideas are really awesome. Great new features!



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