Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fat Book Swap - Final List of Monthly Themes!!

I thought I'd share the final list of monthly themes for the Fat Book Swap...

As you know our general theme for the whole book is Women. Each player was asked to come up with a topic that we will all be working on each month. Well, we now have a complete list and here it is! Pretty cool if I do say so myself! Can't wait to get started :) I'll be sure to share the results of each individual theme as they start rolling in!

Due - June 17th -
Classic Writers/Poets
Due - July 17th -
Driven Women
Retro Women in Ads from the 1950's -1970's
Due - August 17th -
Independent Women - She is always strong, never afraid to be man-less.
Due - September 17th -
Snarky Mothers (Mom's making fun of Motherhood)
Famous Women
Due - October 17th -
Aged & Tattered Wings


  1. I can hardly wait to see the results of the fat books. Great themes.

  2. Yeah - I am getting in the mood for this. I am finishing a Fat Book page for a Breast Cancer awareness charity auction this weekend and it's turning out great. Looking forward to working on these pages now, too. And I love having the schedule ahead of time so I can think through my designs and even work ahead if the spirit moves me.

    Whoo-hoo. This will be a fun journey with an amazing result. I just know it!



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