Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Adirondack Pigment Ink Techniques....

Coming soon!!

I have just gotten a list of techniques finalized to share with you using
Ranger's New Adirondack Pigment Inks! At this time I have a list of 10 different techniques....ranging from the very easy to the more time consuming.

Now you might be asking ~ what's so special about these pigment inks as opposed to any others out on the market.... Well, these inks are a water based pigment ink. Most pigment inks have an oil base.'re saying so???? The water base opens the door to many techniques which just cannot be done with your normal oil based inks.

I have to say I'm very excited about sharing these techniques with you. Since these inks are so new most people who have played with them are keeping any info they have under wraps (so they can charge you to learn them! Sorry, that's one of my pet peeves!). I think it's better to get the info out there so you'll KNOW how great these inks are and want to play with them yourself.

I promise, once you get your hands on these things
they will just open up whole new creative doors you never even knew existed!!


  1. Can't wait for what you have to share. And thanks for sharing so freely! I'm on the lookout for these pigment pads. Hope the lss brings them in.

  2. *nodding* You're preaching to the choir on sharing info, Roni. I SO AGREE. Thank you for saying that out loud. I have even MORE respect for you now, if that's possible.

    And... so... well, you know how you did the 10 ink blending techniques and then gave a prize away at the end that you picked from the comments people made after each technique? Well... (uh oh - here it comes! lol) how about doing that again? And this time, the prize can be a whole set of the pigment inks! Please, please, pretty please????? LOL

    And then phinny woke up. Huh? Ah.. but it was such a GOOD dream. LOL Back to reality. I know you haven't won the lottery yet, and I also know that you would personally give each of us an entire set of pigment inks if you could so I am just kidding (dreaming, actually.) Believe me - you already give way MORE than I personally could ever repay so, sincerely, I am just kidding about that.

    Sign me up for the techniques. I am on the lookout for the pigment inks to hit my local stores. As soon as I see them I will buy a few so I can practice right along with your techniques.

    Yay! I am very excited.

    (((( hug ))))


  3. :) You're welcome!

    ROFL ~ Phinny...If I could afford it I sure would offer up a whole set of those buggers...Trust me, if I ever win the lottery I will ;)


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