Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ink Stains x 6 Trivia

Today, 6 months ago I posted my first post here...I have really enjoyed myself and in the process hopefully inspired you to try something new :)Here's to another 6 months, years....or more!

On to the games....Ink Stains Trivia :)

All of the answers to these questions can be found somewhere here on the blog...well, except for the bonus ? - that you just have to guess ;) The more questions you answer correctly the more chances you have to win!!
Please e-mail me your answers either through the blog or .... roni jj @ g mail . com (no spaces in there).

Each correct answer earns one entry...more about the prize after the ?'s...

What are my dogs names? (Bonus Points if you guess the correct breeds!)

How many posts have I made in 2008?

What is my favorite Ink Mfg.?

What state do I reside…physically, not mentally ;) LOL!!!

What was the date of the first post on Ink Stains?

BONUS ? - What day did Ink Stains ready 15,000 visits and 25,000 page views? (Hint - both happened on the same day.)

Now, what do you get if you are the winner??? Wellllllll, there will not be one winner but 6 one for each month Ink Stains has been around! Each person will receive a rubber stamp of my choosing plus a few extra goodies from my stash...that could include chipboard goodies, ATC kit, Inkssentials White Pigment Pen, embellishment pack, ribbons, fibers who knows what I'll pull out :)

So, put on your detective cap and start guessing...you'll have until Saturday May 31st to post your guesses!

Good Luck Everyone!!

Oh yeah ~ I wanted to let you know that everyone is welcome to play...even my friends out of the United States :)


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  2. Another answer from me:
    Posts in 2008 as of today, 194!

  3. Also, I think I should get an extra chance for being the first to guess the trivia answers!!! LOL!

  4. Um... Roni? *raises hand* If we post our answers here then we can see what each person has and can... *gasp*... copy or verify instead of doing the work. I know we're all super honest and would never dream of doing that, but...

    (Sorry - I peeked and saw Karen's answers... Whew - good thing I knew those ones already. LOL)

  5. Phinny was right ~ duh for me!

    I deleted Karen's post which if any of you read was all totally correct!!

    Karen you still get points for them ;) Plus a bonus for being first - LOL!!

    Everyone can e-mail me your answers through the blog or to roni jj @ g mail . com (no spaces of course).

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  7. I just deleted my post because I had some correct answers!! Don't want anyone to 'steal' my answers! LOL!!

  8. LOL! Yeah....what was going to stop everyone from copying my answers!!? (me, being such a Roni authority and all!) I'm such a space cadet it didn't even occur to me that once someone posted, everyone would see the answers! Of course, I might have had all the WRONG answers though!
    What a shock though, when I saw that my post was deleted...I thought maybe I got censored for saying something naughty!! LOL!

  9. Karen - be careful. You never know when we'll need to throw in a comment about the store Richard Blicks or refer to the practicing Dr. Richard Head! lol

    Hey, all - I have a "Phinny BONUS Question" too: What publications has Roni mentioned that she's been published in since Ink Stains started?

    (What's the prize, you ask? Well... anyone who guesses the right answer gets a FREE KITTEN from the no-kill animal shelter I volunteer at! or even THREE kittens! *grin*)


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