Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Adirondack Pigment Ink Technique #2 - Spritz & Flick

This is a spin on the Ink Blending Tool Technique Spritz & Flick. It is done in relatively the same fashion but there is one step added using your heat gun.

Let's begin...


Adirondack Pigment Ink - Ranger

Inkssentials Heat Tool - Ranger


Dry Cloth (to blot excess water)

Cardstock - Glossy or Plain cardstock will work.


1. Apply ink to your cardstock using the direct to paper method.

Pigment Inks #2001

2. Immediately spritz a good amount of water in your hand and "flick" it onto your paper. Repeat until you have quite a bit of water on the wet ink. NOTE - you want to make sure you have plenty of water drops on your cardstock at this point...once you heat the ink it's set and you won't be able to go back and take any more off as you would in the similar Ink Blending Tool Technique.

3. Here is where you have a choice. You may immediately heat the ink or you may let the water set for 20-30 seconds for the water really soak up the inks. Either way works great and you will get a variety of looks varying the time.

So dry the inks using the heat tool.

Pigment Inks #2003

4. Once the majority of the ink has dried, blot the water from the cardstock.

Pigment Inks #2004

And this is what you will end up with!

Pigment Inks #2005

You can now stamp on this background with any inks desired and create a card, embellishment, tag, etc. Here are a few examples of things I've made using both plain and glossy cardstock.

Pigment Inks #2013

Glossy Cardstock, Purple Twilight - Ranger; Image - HOTP

Pigment Inks #2010

Glossy Cardstock, Adirondack Pigment Ink - Sailboat Blue - Ranger; Image - Stampers Anonymous; Rub-ons - Creative Imaginations

Pigment Inks #2008

Plain Cardstock - Bazzill; Adirondack Pigment Ink - Watermelon, Pitch Black - Ranger; Images - DP Artworks; Rub-On Word - Creative Imaginations

Pigment Inks #2007

Glossy cardstock, Adirondack Pigment Ink - Bottle, Stickles - Ranger; Rub-ons - Creative Imaginations; Pattern Paper - K & Co; Cardstock - Bazzill

Pigment Inks #2012

This is a laminate tag that I thought I'd try this technique out on....it seemed to work very well!! I applied Denim to the background and stamped with Black Pitch Pigment Inks!

SO there you have it...never thought you'd be doing anything like that with a pigment ink did you?
Well there's more to come so stay tuned!!


  1. I wish my dang dog wouldn't bark at the heater....

  2. Wow - I love what you did with those backgrounds. When I first looked at it, I thought of a Rorschach inkblot test - LOL. Just goes to show what a TRUE artist can do. This technique looks great as a sky background and I especially love how the Christmas one turned out.


  3. This is so cool ... I'm going to have to try this out ... I love all of your beautiful samples.

  4. wow. This is really wonderful.
    One more way of using pigment ink.
    I'm loving your Blog.
    Thank you for posting a lot of wonderful ideas and projects.

  5. Your website is the best I have seen. THANK YOU!


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