Monday, May 5, 2008

"Kiss" Technique

Yes, we're going to talk about "kissing" today....but not what you're thinking - LOL!! This type of kissing goes on between 2 rubber stamps ;) tee hee hee!!!
This is a great technique but used very little which is a shame because the results are so cool. The best parts about using this technique are that it is quick & easy
AND it utilizes supplies you already have in your stash of goodies! What could be better?
Let's begin....
Rubber Stamps - Texture type stamps (like the large background stamps), Image Stamps and a bold stamp (something with a large surface area).
There are several ways you can go about this but today I'm going to share 2 of my favorites - the first one consists of inking your bold stamp with desired ink.
Next you will press an un-inked image onto the inked bold stamp. NOTE: It is best to lay the bold stamp on the table for this step.
You will now make an impressing with the bold stamp....
And check out the results!!
The next "Kiss" technique uses basically the same materials but we're going about it in a little bit different fashion. This technique implements those large background stamps that are often forgotten at the bottom of the storage drawer ;)
Apply ink to your background stamp. It is easiest to do so if the background stamp is laying on your table and you hold the ink pad. Isn't such a messy job this way and ensures you ink the entire image.
Next you will press your bold rubber stamp onto the inked background stamp.
Stamp your image onto desired cardstock....
and ta-daaaaa!!! You're left with an awesome double image!
Well there you go ~ another quick & easy technique to tuck into your bag of stamping tricks!! Tomorrow I have a fun technique to share which uses Alcohol Inks and CD's!
Be sure to check it out :)
Have a WONDERFUL Monday Everyone :)


  1. I love background stamps! What a fun way to utilize them - thanks!

  2. I LOVE this technique and like you said, I never use it often enough. Thanks for reminding me about it. :)

  3. Yup - what Nanette said. Great reminder! There really are so many cool things you can do with this technique. I've got my thinking cap on now and I am going to go through my rubber stamps and see what cool things I can do using your ideas, Roni.

    (I love to read Ink Stains right before I start an art session because I get inspired to try new things!)


  4. Well this tutorial makes it look so easy that even I can do it! And this is something I can actually start right away, because it doesn't call for any special tools. Just my ink and stamps...and some imagination!


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