Monday, May 26, 2008

Ink Stains x6 - Day 1 - Favorite Rubber Stamp Retailer

Being the consummate shopper I am I couldn't help myself by sharing various rubber stamping sites I found here and there. What started as shop-a-holic enabling her friends is now a weekly posting featuring various rubber stamp retailers, manufactures and designers.

Today, I want you to tell me which of the Rubber Stamp Retailers featured so far is your favorite.

You will have until Wednesday (5-28) at noon to post your that time I'll draw the name of the lucky winner who will receive Flower Border Couple stamp by Queen's Dresser Drawers and a mini ATC kit by me :)

HG - April 017

For directions on creating this card be sure to check out the information on "Painting with Alcohol Inks" which will be posted later today!


  1. ooh, I'm first :)

    I think of all the manufacturers you have mentioned so far - my favourite has to be the Stamping Ground.

    that site is mind boggling!

  2. I haven't met many rubberstamps i don't

    I would have to have a tie with my favorites you have mentioned being The Queens Dresser Drawers and Paperbag Studios


  3. It's so hard to pick one so I'll pick three - LOL =)
    I really, really like Paperbag Studios, DP Artworks and Hannah Grey.

  4. Why did you have to make the question so hard - it's like picking a favorite child ;) Seriously, though, I'd have to go with Paperbag Studios, with Art Impressions as a runner-up.

  5. I love Art Impressions. And Paperbag Studios. And...and...and. Oh yeah, you said one. OK, well I put two. Sorry!!! :)

  6. LOL...mulitples is o.k. too...I know I couldn't pick just one - LOL!!

  7. Ooooh...I have to say Paperbag studios as well, and Beeswax! After all, my dd got me 3 Beeswax stamp sheets for Mothers day and Christmas...and all because you introduced me to them!

  8. Aw man... you do make this hard. Well, Hannah Grey is my favorite place for "Stuff" - totally my style and the products are all fantastic. For rubber stamps specifically, I have to say Paper Bad Studios - I ordered the Flourish and Imagines sets here:
    And my last favorite is not a stamp company, but I want to shout out to them - The German Scrap Store is the BEST place to get German Scrap and all sorts of fun things.

    Please keep this feature. I love it and look forward to *window shopping* every week. (Altho you know me, I'm not so great about sticking to my self imposed spending freeze. I've ordered from all three companies I mentioned above and had the best experiences. I highly recommend!~)


  9. There's alot I could choose but I like Lizzie Anne Designs but you did say a retailer so DP Artworks I love the designs and they have a great range with lots of diffrent styles which I like because I like to try new stuff.

    Mez xxx

  10. Oh my, it's not easy to pick just one! I'd have to say Paperbag Studios - love their "people" stamps. Please keep highlighting different stamp companies - I enjoy learning about new ones.
    Susan T

  11. Of all the companies you have highlighted, my favorite one that I have bought from would have to be Beeswax -- a real variety of images and great service. And of the companies "new to me" -- The Queen's Dresser Drawer looks really cool.

    Sheryl H

  12. Can't wait to see who won the stamp image!! And thanks again for introducing us to all these ultra cool stamp sites!


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