Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ink Stains x6 - Favorite Ranger Product

Today's question has to do with Ranger and their amazing line up of rubber stamping/ink/embossing, etc. products.

It's really easy...tell me what your favorite product(s) is(are)! Now I know this might not be easy to narrow it down so you can post more than one ;)

That being said I'd have to say that my favorite Ranger product is the entire Distress line of inks. It was the very first Ranger product I was ever introduced to and fell in love with immediately! Since then I have met and fell in love with many more of their products but the Distress Inks will always hold that #1 place in my inky heart! share my love I'll be sharing some Distress Ink! The winner will receive 3 Distress ink pads (not sure which colors yet but they are all great!)!!

You'll have until June 1st to tell me what your favorite is :)


  1. I'm with you - Distress Inks all the way!! LUV 'em!!

  2. Mine: My fave is Sea foam White EP!!! Then all the distressing inks, alcohol inks, applicators, etc.!

  3. I have only in the last couple of months discovered how good the Adirondack ink pads are, I am loving my most recent purchase of alcohol inks, distress inks are on my wish list along with a whole heap of other Ranger stuff.....but I have not been stamping long I think it's only fair to say my favorite is the very first Ranger product I bought - my Rubit Scrubit Pad - it makes cleaning stamps a breeze! I was lucky enough to be shown this product very early on in the first craft store I ever bought things from and I bought one right away.

  4. Favorite Ranger products:
    1. Glossy accents!
    2. Adirondack Pads
    3. Distress Inks!! I use my walnut ink pad ALL the time and have almost worn it out. And I crave the mustard colored one...but never see it anywhere!

  5. I really like Glossy Accents! Love to use it in the middle of stamped and punched flowers and on stamped images.
    My Mom just introduced me to distress inks and I'm still getting the hang of them, but so far I love using them around the outsides of cardstock to define the edges.
    Sachi H.

  6. My fave product i sdefinitely the Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Doistress Ink. I use mine to the death!! I went to a craft class once, tried it there and used it ever since.

  7. Distress inks are my favorite-closely followed by the Adirondacks.

  8. My favorite is the Adirondack dye inks -- love the way they all co-ordinate and enjoy using the rainbow pads for backgrounds. Am thinking my next favorites will be the pigment line.

    Sheryl H

  9. i love the distress crackle paints and sepia accents. i really love ranger products because it could expand your creativity!!

  10. OH my RANGER is my fav and my top 5fav of my fav include...
    1. distress inks, glossy accents
    2. seafoam white, egyptian gold, and glitter embossing powder
    3. White inkessentials pen
    4. Paint dabbers, alcohol inks
    5. Crackle paint, adirondack inks

    Yup that just few of my very favs!!!

  11. Well, first I love Ranger because every single product is of the highest quality and also super innovative. I buy every product they put out because I love and trust the company that much.

    I love the matching ink colors (and cool colors, too - none of that cutesy stuff! lol) I love that I can buy several different kinds of inks and/or re-inkers and I can both match colors and blend colors because they go together so well. That is genius, IMO. Adirondack, Distress, the color washes and Alcohol inks all go together. See? How cool is THAT?!?

    As to products themselves, I would say the color washes, the Adirondack and Distress re-inkers (I use them right on my craft mat a lot), the ink blending foam (I use mine mostly without the handle - I just cut up a zillion pieces of it to use by hand, the non-stick craft mat (this rocks!), the 1" microscope slide glass pieces and the Resist pad.

    (Is that enough... I could go on... and on, and on. LOL)


  12. Gosh, too many products to choose 1 favourite, but I guess if I REALLY had to choose 1 range, it would be the distress inkpads, followed closely by Crackle Accents.

  13. I love all the Tim Holtz products that they have. And their embossing powders are wonderful! I have never had any luck using black EPs but their's works fine for me!!

  14. LOL Too funny, Nanette. The black Embossing Powder is the only one I CAN'T get to work for me. No matter what I do (even use a non-static pad thingy), there are little black specs on my paper or it doesn't stick to my pigment ink. (Maybe I got a bad batch or, more likely, it's ME!) What's your secret??

  15. I know this will be strange, but I love the craft mat! You can use every Ranger product and it is always fresh and clean! I also love Glossy Accents and now, Matte Accents.

  16. Oh this is tough! I love so many things from Rangers. I love the Crackle Paints, Glossy Accents, but most of all I love the Distress Inks. My two absolute favourite shades are Walnut Stain and Frayed Burlap. I like the contrast they give and how great they work in vintaging my layouts and giving definition.

  17. a black Archival ink pad because it was my very first purchase with a rubber stamp and holds fond memories for me! I have obviously increased the number of inks and stamps I now own. However, I just have such delight knowing how well received my attempts at card making have been received by others and the joy of making something sprecifiaclly for one person. I love colour, textures etc but my well used and worn out Archival inkpad is a treasured memory and faithful friend!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!