Monday, May 19, 2008

Adirondack Pigment Ink on Non-Porous Surfaces

I had a couple questions about the inks on non-porous surfaces this weekend so I thought I'd demonstrate the differences as I did with the chipboard.

Someone asked about dominoes and a couple people asked how it preformed on metals. I also included glass and laminate tiles. I used the same 3 types of inks - Brilliance Pigment Inks (copper), Color Box Pigment Inks (green) and of course Adirondack Pigment Inks (denim).

Here were the results....

Dominoes -

I used 2 different stamps to show how each type preformed...a bold image (bird - Inkadinkado) and a line image (flourish - Fiskars). None of the bold images were perfect, some pucker marks where the stamp released suction from the domino but the line images all looked great. I left them set for approx 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, the Adirondack Inks were wet in just a few selected areas, both the Brilliance & Color Box inks were still very wet. I heated all 3 dominoes for about 1 minute and let them cool.

Pigment Inks & NPS001

Once cooled I noticed the Color Box Ink & Brilliance still weren't dried so I heated for another 2 minutes and let cool again. Even after this additional heating the Color Box ink was still wet and didn't show any sign of drying. I did the swipe test and both the Adirondack & Brilliance inks were dry.

Pigment Inks & NPS012

Metal -

Next I stamped on just a plain piece of aluminum. Again, all 3 inks made a similar impression - line images superior to the bold images. I heated for 1 minute and let cool. Adirondack Ink was the only ink to dry in that amount of time.

Pigment Inks & NPS014

I heated the Brilliance & Color Box inks for an additional 2 minutes and swiped each with my finger. Neither dried. I heated again for 2 more and still neither dried.

Glass -

I stamped the same images onto 3 pieces of Memory Glass and heated for 1 minute. As in the other 2 tests the Adirondack ink was the only one that had dried completely in that time so I continued heating the other 2 inks. After about 4 minutes the Brilliance ink had finally dried but even after 4 minutes the Color Box ink was still very wet.

I was so anxious to try swiping each piece I failed to take a "before" picture. Anyway, here I swiped each piece of Memory Glass and you will see that even though the Brilliance ink was dry much of the ink wiped off anyway.

Pigment Inks & NPS010

Laminate Chips -

These are laminate chips that you would find at your local home improvement store. A different type of non-porous surface as they do have a small bit of rough texture to them. I repeated the stamping/heating as I did before and here is what I came up with. Color Box was again the only ink that did not dry completely on the chips.

Pigment Inks & NPS006

I did have an additional question by Phinny and a couple other ladies about it being waterproof. The Color Box inks didn't even need water to be removed...I just wiped them right off with my finger! The Brilliance did wipe off easily with the wet cloth but I had to really work at rubbing the Adirondack inks off with the wet cloth. So no, none of them were waterproof.


  1. Crickey! You have been busy. thanks for all that info - very interesting. I coloured a couple of wooden trays for some stamps this afternoon, I used colorbox and they're still not dry! xx

  2. I need some of these inks, obviously!!!! :)

  3. No way! These adirondack pigment inks are amazing! And very interesting about the Colorbox inks not drying at all on all these nonporous surfaces.
    I have some of those laminate chips that I need to get out and play with. Of course, the adirondack pigment inks aren't anywhere in sight I might just have to wait.

  4. Yup - if I didn't believe all the hype before, I sure do now. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

    Nice demonstration, Roni.


  5. thanks for all that info, very interesting as I am confused at times by all the different ink pads around :0)


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