Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ink Stained Trivia Winners!!!

Wow, I was so totally over whelmed with all of the great responses and I even got some answers to questions that I didn't even ask - LOL!! I was amazed :)

Here are the answers....

What are my dogs names? (Bonus Points if you guess the correct breeds!)

Cecil - Basset Hound

Fidget - Cairn Terrier Some of you asked how his eye trouble was doing. Well, it's not that great. I believe by healing the lesions in his left eye the blood vessels have taken most of his vision in that eye. His right eye has healed but we're still dealing with the dry eye. He's on meds that are supposed to stimulate the tear production but the vet isn't too sure it's going to work.

Brenda knew
even more....

"you did have Margaret a chow mix at the farm but i'm not sure if she is there or not still" - Yep, we still have Margaret - She's about 16 years old now but still kickin!
"and a farm cat--named Kitty of all things LOL--whose mom abandoned her-- one of her sibs got eaten by a group of pigs in a pig pen (Gross) and she eventually went back to the farm after developing a rather disturbing intestinal problem that forced you to wash lots of blankets one week" - Sadly Kitty is no longer with us but had a good life while she was alive.

How many posts have I made in 2008?

It's ever increasing but everyone who guessed got it right at that time. '

What is my favorite Ink Mfg.?

Duh, Ranger was the most common answer but everyone got this right - LOL!!

What state do I reside…physically, not mentally ;) LOL!!!

Everyone got this right ~ Nanette even added a bit about my mental state...."(what your mental state is is questionable!! LOL!!)" LOL!! She's such a smarty pants!

What was the date of the first post on Ink Stains?

November 27, 2007 10:00-ish AM according to Phinnny!! I hadn't even paid any attention to the time thing!!

BONUS ? - What day did Ink Stains ready 15,000 visits and 25,000 page views? (Hint - both happened on the same day.)

Numerous guesses on this from Mother's Day to a few days ago. Nobody got it right but it was the 18th of May!

AND...Phinny came up with a few more answers to questions that I hadn't even thought of ~ how about a bonus BONUS question? What publications has Roni mentioned that she's been published in since Ink Stains started? Ranger's home page, Ranger ad in the magazine Belle Armoire, Cloth, Paper, Scissors Issue #13 (Summer) issue (Rangers Ad), the May issue of Vamp Stamp News, Stampers Sampler Catch Up Issue and probably more that the little sneak didn't even mention. Congrats to you, Ms. Published Artist! :) Thanks Phinny!!! Yeah, there were a few others but I never did find those issues so I didn't bother to mention them.

I want to thank everyone who gave it a shot ~ you all mean so much to me!!

On to the I said ~ each correct answer got you an entry into the drawing. I added up all of the correct answers and ended up with 127 (*added a few extra in there for the extra info people added in!!) and the winners are......

Sheryl H.



Robin W

Katherine Saw


Congratulations Ladies!!

Phinny, Nanette, Brenda Katherine I have your addy's so I will get those ready to ship. Sheryl & Robin if you could please e-mail me your addies I'll get your packages ready to mail as well :)

Thanks everyone who played along...I would send you all goodies if I could!!


  1. Oh yeah, oh yeah! (set to rap music, doing the happy dance) Thank you so much. Ink Stains and RONI RULES!


  2. Congratulations to the winners!!
    Now we all know enough about Roni to write a book!

  3. LOL ... Roni, this was seriously fun :) Gosh, Phinny's amazing with her 'Roni Facts', hahahaha! Anyway, thanks for your generosity and big heart Roni!


  4. Wowzers!!!! Thanks Roni!! YOU Rock!!!!

  5. WOW!!!! I am off line a few days and look what happens.... Thank you Roni-- you are abasolutly the best...... i am going to come to A_ _ _ _ _ some day to meet you...oh and i forgot all about your little calf you raised.... Hey and BTW- one of my bucket lists entries got fullfilled in May-- i got to milk a cow--cool.
    love Brenda

  6. wow!! Roni- Thanks so much for the great goodie bag. Wooow! that doesnt even cover it. I have never ever gotten such a great goody bag. There is such a variety of stuff. i cant wait to try some of this stuff out. Do you remember where those little bits of paper lace(gold and white) came from? i would love to have some more of it. Prima, Basic Grey, ATC blanks, a small "XOXO" stamp, postage stamps, paper and all kinds of other metal and neat stuff. Thank you again sooooo much. you ROCK!


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