Friday, May 16, 2008

Adirondack Pigment Ink #1 - Chipboard Part III

Just a couple more examples of Adirondack Pigment Ink on various types of chipboard today. I know I have given you a couple examples of the Pigment Ink on Grunge Board but I wanted to just incorporate it into the technique list so nobody assumes I forgot to include it :)

The inks are applied to the Grunge Board just as they are regular chipboard pieces. Pounce the piece of Grunge Board onto the ink pad until it is completely covered. This may take a bit longer than plain chipboard depending on the pattern of your Grunge Board. Some of the more intricate patterns naturally take a bit of maneuvering to get it all covered.

Pigment Ink #1022

After you're sure it's covered completely give it a quick shot with the heat gun and you're done! I stamped the wings using one of Tim Holtz's new ATC collage backgrounds & Denim pigment ink.

Pigment Ink #1023

And here is my finished card!

Pigment Ink #1004

Something else I'm very excited about concerning this new ink is the ability to use it on UTEE covered chipboard pieces!! Up until now the choices were limited to Archival Inks or Staz-On type inks on these types of pieces. With limited color choices there wasn't alot of options. This pigment ink is the PERFECT solution!!

Simply ink up your stamp with the desired color, stamp...

Pigment Ink #1024

and give it a quick shot of heat.

Pigment Ink #1025

and you're done!! How cool is that!!!!!!!

Pigment Ink #1026

Here is my finished creation...

The chipboard leaves are inked with Bottle & stamped with Juniper Pigment Inks. The background flowers were also stamped with the Pigment Ink ~ Sunshine Yellow & Purple Twilight. I had a bit of fun stamping the ticket stub....I used Pitch Black for the ticket it's self but then I stamped the sentiment using Eggplant and made a color wash from Purple Twilight Pigment Ink!!

Pigment Ink #1003

A few more ideas for your bag of inky tricks :)

Be sure to tune in this weekend...tomorrow I'm hoping to post a boat load of Father's Day quotes, sentiments & proverbs to use on all your Father's Day cards.

Sunday I have a special treat....remember I mentioned the mail man being good to me?!?!? Well he pulled through today so I'll have some fun stuff to share with you...and I don't just mean card or ATC ideas either ;)

See you then!!


  1. Wowza! I love the colors and the textures and all your tips! Who makes the flowers you stamped on? And the clear stamps? thanks!

  2. what a fab blog.... not sure how I came across you but sure glad I did!
    love your 'what constitutes a good day' my feeling exactly!

  3. LOVE that purple!! Such a deep, rich just pops out at you. Are those autumn leaves clear stamps with the flowers??

  4. *scratches head* So... how can this ink work on UTEE? Is it because it can be heat set and dries quickly? Does that mean it works on other nonporous surfaces the same way - like glossy cs, metal, plastic, etc.?

    (OK - it's Friday and I am really tired so apologies if I am missing something super obvious.)

    The colors are so vibrant! Oh man, I can't wait to get my hands on these.


  5. The flowers are all Maya Road from various sets...sorry, I put them all together in one bag so I don't know which sets are which.

    The flower is an Autumn Leave stamp. It's one of the singles variety (not from a set).

    Thanks Nicks!! I'm glad you found me and you like what you see!!

    Karen - Yes, that UTEE is amazing! It's one of the Brightz!

    Phinny ~ YES!!! It is because it dries so quickly when heated :) The pigment ink drys before the UTEE has a chance to remelt!!! How freakin awesome is that :)

  6. Dame you woman, i had not heard of these inks till i checked in here, now i HAVE to have some! lol Thanks for the great demo's, your blog continues to inspire & aid my altered journey xx

  7. Yay!

    I thought I was going crazy there for a minute. And, yup - now I am beginning to get what all the fuss is about. This isn't just another high-quality Ranger product, it's a truly innovative one, too. Wow!


  8. When you first started demonstrating these pigment inks I couldn't imagine how they were any different from Brilliance or Colorbox. But wow, these are just amazing!
    So are you still on the Ranger Design team? I thought, for some reason, that they had discontinued it. But you're obviously still rocking that Ranger stuff!! And we're all thrilled!

  9. ROFL ~ Nic you're too funny!!! Yes, you NEED these inks ~ seriously, they are THE best!

    Phinny ~ nope, you're not going is VERY innovative :)

    Karen - amazing aren't they...before I got to play with them I was just thrilled I would have pigment inks that matched the rest of the Adirondack line. Little did I know how great these things were going to be!!

    Ranger did discontinue the design team but I am still working with them :) If they have a need they contact me. It's great, they are an excellent company to work with! I feel very honored to work with them.

  10. I found all I wanted to know about Ranger pigment inks on your website. THANK YOU!


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