Friday, May 23, 2008

Only a day left for your chance to win a set of stamps from DP Artworks!!

All you have to do is check out the
Feature Article about DP Artworks, tell me your favorite stamp(s) (I know it's hard to narrow it down) and you're entered!!

Can't get much easier than that :)

The winner will be randomly selected from everyone who posts their favorite stamp.

You have until 4 p.m. tomorrow to post!!

Don't miss out on a great set of stamps :)


  1. yup you're right-- so hard to choose. Since my DD is into history and I scrap for her.. i would have to choose the Pocket Museum one (since that is her ultimate goal)with the meaning of it. (if I could choose a second it would be the Egytian ones because that is what she is majoring in right now. I have found it hard to get that kind of stamp. Now in grad school her area of study will be Egyptology-- Thanks for the neat site ,Roni, i have it bookmarked.--grin-- more drooling

  2. Oh my goodness Brenda that is so cool!! I didn't know that's what your daughter was studying!! I love to watch all the shows about that stuff.

    I'm so glad I could help ~ If I find any more of that type of thing I'll be sure and pass it along!!


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