Monday, May 12, 2008

Pigment Inks on Grunge Board

I wanted to share a couple of items I made recently using Grunge Board & Ranger's new Adirondack Pigment Inks.

The first item I made to demonstrate how well even the lighter colors cover on dark surfaces & vice-verse. I started off with Grunge Board hearts, wings & a crown and applied the inks directly from the pad just swiping them until the each piece was covered. This did not take very long as they are so opaque. One coat is all it takes!

Grunge Board n Pigment Inks

The heart it's self was colored with Cranberry as the base coat. I applied Pitch Black around the edges (with my finger tip but IBFoam's will work). I then highlighted the center of the heart with Watermelon and Shell Pink to show off the design incorporated into the Grunge Board. You can see how well the Shell Pink shows up on the Cranberry. I want to stress this especially...usually you wouldn't get much if any lighter color of ink to show up on such a dark base coat but this Pigment Ink covers like a dream! I had no trouble getting the Pink to show up...just a few brushes of my fingertip and I was done. I added the Watermelon ink as a low-light which you can see in selected areas.

Grunge Board n Pigment Ink 2

Next I wanted to show how well the Snow Cap (white) covers up the dingy grey (I say this in a good way - love this stuff!!) of the Grunge Board easily and how well the Denim shows up. Again, applied with my fingertips just to highlight the awesome design of the Grunge Board (harlequin pattern).

Grunge Board n Pigment Ink 3

This last example I used Denim as the base coat on each of my Grunge Board Letters, stamped using Jet Black Archival Ink and highlighted with the Inkssentials White Pigment Pen. The pen works extremely well on the pigment inks just as it did over the Adirondack Dye Inks in my Ink Comparison. I used Glossy Accents & German Glass Glitter on the arrows for a fun contrast and to add some texture.

Grunge Board n Pigment Ink 4

I am going to be sharing additional examples and some techniques using the Adirondack Pigment Inks soon :) Till then, hope you enjoy check these out.

Oh, someone had asked about where these ink pads could be purchased. Since they are brand new, they are just starting to ship at this time so they should be on store (local stamp store) shelves soon. I'm not sure if any of the larger chain craft stores will be carrying them but I will ask and let you know.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Love it! Oh yeah - I am for sure going to start with the white and black and then see if I can hold out to temptation once I see all the cool new colors. LOL

    You also answered my question about when they will show up in my local stores. No sign yet, but I am on the lookout.

    I've been following the conversation about these pigment inks on the Ranger Yahoo Group board, too. I was happy to read that these inks don't HAVE to be embossed (sometimes I don't want to mess with EP, heat gun and that whole mess!). I understand you can heat set with a heat gun or let them air dry over night, for example, and the inks will become permanent and not smudge? Is that true, Roni? Have you experimented and found that to be true, too? 'Cause there's nothing worse than going back to a project thinking the ink was set but then ruining it and getting ink all over your hands and clothes because the ink smeared. (Yup - I've done this more than once! lol)

    I look forward to seeing more pics, Roni.


  2. LOL...good luck on holding out ;)

    Actaully, they don't really take all that long to dry on regular paper, chipboard or grunge board. I think like 20 minutes if you let it air dry. I haven't let it air dry on glossy cardstock yet as the projects I was working on I wanted to speed up the process so I heated it.

    I am working on an ink comparison for the pigment inks like I did with the Inkssentials Pen. I will post it as soon as I get it finished.

    And yes, I've smeared ink all over everything a time or two myself...just this past weekend as a matter of fact - LOL!! It was black dye marker on a non-porous surface. (grabbed the wrong pen!) Make quite the mess!

  3. wow i think im gonna get a grunge board myself... now is the time after seeing your astounding project!!!! very very talented!!!

  4. I finally used some of my grunge board for the very first time on NSD. I love it!! I can't wait till the new ink pads come to my art supply store. At least I hope she's ordered some!!

    Great project, Roni. :) Love the heart and wings. And the crown is to 'die for!!' What did you use on that?

  5. Cabbie ~ you should get some ~ it's loads of fun to play with!

    Nanette ~ well good for you sweetie! That's wonderful :)

    The Crown was made by adding Sunshine Adirondack Pigment Ink and letting it dry. Once dry, I applied a layer of Platinum Stickles and the little heart gem stone. Glad you liked it!

  6. Oh my, I LOVE the harlequin angels wings with the denim and white! WOW, what a gorgeous effect.But I had no idea that grunge board comes textured?!!!

  7. Karen ~ YES ~ Grunge Board comes in several textures - Harlequin, Swirls, Dots, Stripes, Mini Dots, and Plain.

    But the great thing is if you don't like the "pre-textured" types you can create your own!! It takes texturing very well. I used one of my QK texture folders and it worked like a not only get the design on the front but you get a bonus ~ the reverse design shows up on the back side!!!

    Way cool stuff :)


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