Friday, May 9, 2008

Flag Book for Mom's

I wanted to share a project that would be perfect for your mom's, grandma's or even yourself. It's a Flag Book! A complicated looking album that really isn't once you know the secret to it all. I used these instructions when I made my first Flag Book and have since altered sizes to personalize each book I make.

This book was made for a friend who has 2 little boys...having 2 boys myself I felt a special connection. Guess that's why it meant so much to me :)

There are various items here and there stamped, most edges are inked with either Peeled Paint or Dusty Concord Distress Inks. Flourish Stamps are Fancy Pants from one of their big 12x12 sets...sorry, can't remember which one right now.

Anyway, here you go.....

About - Mom Album 1
About - Mom Album 2
About - Mom Album 3
About - Mom Album 4
About - Mom Album 5
About - Mom Album 6

A basic Flag Book can easily be assembled in an afternoon and can be decorated at that time or left blank to be decorated at a later date. Sizes can be altered and additional "flags" can be added depending on what your intended use is. I have made an ATC flag book where the flags were actually envies to hold individual ATC's, Flag books with 3 flags stacked and more. The possibilities are endless :)

Here is a link to check out of some EXTREME Flag Books....don't know that I'd ever get that creative with one but they are fascinating to look at!! I can't imagine the time to took to construct some of those book. They truly are amazing!

Anyway, give a Flag Book a try sometime,
I promise the response will be wonderful!!


  1. Roni

    thank you so much for this post for many reasons:

    1) I have a complicated-and-took-me-hours flag book at home that I made 2 years ago, and have never used for anything. I really must dig it out and USE it!

    2) I love your 2-tier book - I've only ever made them with 3 tiers, never occurred to me to do a 2-tier book, and it works really well as a mini album, so ta for the heads up

    3) THAT LINK. Oh my god. I'm drooling :) thank you!

  2. Cool book!! Love everything about it. :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. What a cool color scheme. I never would have thought to put those two colors together and look how great that looks!

    And - wow! Those extreme examples are breath-taking and mind-boggling. LOL I love to look at art of all kinds - even the things that aren't my style. I can still appreciate a piece for the obvious talent and skill that went into it.

    Cool share, Roni. Thanks!


  4. Thanks everyone :)

    Yes Sarah - Get that book out and use that puppy!! They really are amazing looking when they are finished :)

    Yeah Phinny, I don't think I'd ever attempt one of those extreme flag books but they are fun to marvel over. I just can't imagine what it must have taken to figure out some of those! Just amazing!

  5. Well, now I know what a flag book is, after following your Extreme flag book link! YIKES! Those are incredible. I can't believe the intricacies of those shown on the website...they look like kinetic sculptures or futuristic architecture, or living oganisms! The one with mica must have been insane to make without breaking anything!


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