Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Origami Shirt Card

Father's Day is quickly approaching so I thought I'd share a fun origami card that will be perfect for all the Fathers on your list.    Now I've seen this card made from dollar bills and it is just darling.  I added and cut a few bits here and there which you definitely wouldn't want to do with real money.  I'll let you know which parts are added/cut so if you'd like to use it with money you can.  It would be the perfect way to tuck some $'s into a graduation card for all of the lucky 2011 graduates!

Origami Shirt Card

Since origami is a bit confusing at times with all the folds, open, refold, etc. I am making these directions very specific so they are easier to follow... 

Hope it helps :)

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 001


8 1/2 x 11" thin pattern paper*
scrap white cardstock (optional)
Scissors (optional - for paper only)

*Note - I like to use really thin pattern paper for this technique.  You can use cardstock but after several folds it gets tough to make sharp creases. 

1. Fold the paper in half lengthwise.

2. Open.

3. Fold the left edge of the paper towards the center fold line.

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 002

4. Fold the right edge of the paper towards the center fold line.

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 003

5. Flip the paper over so the joint lines are face down.

6. Fold approximately 1" from the top down.

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 004

7. (OPTIONAL - Paper Only) - Since this folded down piece will become the collar I like to add a strip of white cardstock to this part.  I just use a bit of white scrap cardstock and glue it down with my ATG.  You can snip off any excess paper that sticks past the edges.

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 006

8. Flip the paper over (the joint lines should now be up).

9. Fold the left upper corner towards the center line so it hits approximately 1 1/4" from the top of the paper.

10.  Fold the right upper corner towards the center to match the left corner fold.  

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 008

Your shirt now has a collar!

11. Fold the bottom half of the paper up until you can tuck it under the collar.  Crease this fold line.

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 009

12. Open this fold back up.

13. At the bottom of the paper, take hold of the left hand flap of paper; fold it open to create a triangle.

14.  Repeat step 13 for the right hand side...  These will become your sleeves.

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 010

15. Fold the shirt body back up and tuck under the collar.

16. (OPTIONAL - Paper Only) - To help make the sleeves a bit more realistic I like to snip a tiny triangle at the bottoms of each sleeve fold. 

And here is what your Shirt Card will look like.....

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 011

Tomorrow I will offer a few suggestions on how to finish this card off including buttons, stitches, a tie and more!


  1. What a clever card for the guys with Father's Day and graduations happening. Wonderful week to you...

  2. Roni -

    This is awesome! I can't wait to see what you do with it. I may try this for my husband! Something really different. Love it!

    Elaine Allen


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