Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Painting with Liquid Pearls

Recently I was playing with Liquid Pearls just to see what I could actually do with them besides just making dots.  Well I stumbled upon a fun technique which allows you to paint and shade stamped images.  The vibrant shimmery colors of the Liquid Pearls really makes the images pop while adding quite a bit of dimension at the same time.  It's really quite fun!

Painting with Liquid Pearls

LP Shading 001


Liquid Pearls
Archival Ink
Rubber Stamp (open images work best)
Tiny Paint Brush

Note: For this example (rose) I am going to be using 3 different colors of LP ...Rouge, Flamingo and Petal Pink. 

LP Shading 002


1. Stamp your desired image using Archival Ink.  I used black ink but you could use whatever color you would like.

Note: The rose stamp is from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps.

LP Shading 003

2. Outline the image with the darkest shade of Liquid Pearls you would like to use.  In this case I started with the Rouge LP.

LP Shading 004

3. Use the tiny paint brush to feather ONLY the inside edge of each line towards the center of the image as shown.  Leave the outside edge in tact as this will add much definition to the final image.

LP Shading 005

Continue to feather each line until you have covered the entire image...

LP Shading 007

You could of course stop here and use the feathered image just as it is.  (I am going to talk more on this technique another day) But, we're going to continue adding more colors to really build up our image.

4. Add the medium shade of LP (Flamingo) to your image.  Where I have room I add it directly into the image as shown.  For smaller areas I squirt a dab of the LP on my Non-Stick Craft Mat.

LP Shading 009

5. Feather out all of the Flamingo LP in the center of each petal (or section of your image).  This layer differs from the original layer of LP as we are not leaving a solid edge of this color as we did with the Rouge LP.

  LP Shading 010

6. Fill in the remaining areas with the lightest color of LP (Petal Pink).  I also added a bit of the Petal Pink here and there to highlight the centers of each petal for a bit more definition. 

Note: As you can see in the photo I painted the leaves using the same technique.

LP Shading 011

Here is a side view to give you some idea on how dimensional your finished image will be...

LP Shading 015

And the card I created using this image...

JFF 4-29-11 004

Fun huh?

It really does kick your image up several notches ~ 
it's a great technique to try when you're looking for that "Wow" factor!


  1. oh sure looks fun :)stunning effect

  2. How cool! That turned out beautiful!

  3. Did you let it dry between layers? This is really pretty! I'm imagining it with other types of flowers..so di the LPs mix together if used wet? Like in an Iris..using blue/purple & yellow. Do you see where I'm going with this question? I've not tried LPs yet but love this look!

  4. Wonderful result, Roni! TFS

  5. Amazing results! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Fun is right, I really will give this a try, thanks :)

  7. After I saw some of your first projects with Liquid Pearls I gave them a second look. I used some on a stamped image of a candle and ofter the Liquid Pearls had dried it looks so much like candle wax, the drips looks so real, thanks for giving this great product a new use!


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