Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Liquid Pearl Candlewicking

If you can't tell I've been playing (and loving) the new Liquid Pearls.  The formulation of these new Pearls allows you to use them with techniques that you couldn't before.  Along with the awesome Brushed Embroidery I have been messing with another non-stamping technique ~ Candlewicking! 

Now I know this form of stitching has been around for a VERY long time but I first became familiar with it in the 70's.  A time when not only candlewicking but macrame, photo collage/decoupage and latch hook rugs were all the rage ;)  LOL!!  So I thought I'd drag this technique into the stamping world as well!

Now I know that traditional candlewicking is a white on white technique which you're more than welcome to try but with all of the beautiful new colors of Liquid Pearls I couldn't just use one color!

Liquid Pearl Candlewicking


Liquid Pearls - Ranger
Resist or Embossing Ink - Ranger
Rubber Stamps
Cardstock or Acetate
Candlewicking Patterns (optional)


Stamped LP Candlewicking:

1. Stamp desired image onto your cardstock using Resist Ink (or other clear ink).

2. Apply tiny dots of Liquid Pearls (using desired colors) over the image design.  To form a perfect dot you will need to hold your LP bottle vertically, dab a bit of LP onto your cardstock and lift straight up.

NOTE: You can follow the stamped design as closely as desired.  If some details are too small you can simply leave them off completely or make up your own design.

Here are a couple examples using this technique...

Liquid Pearl Candlewicking 006

For this flourish design I varied the size of my dots and added a few solid "leaves" to help bring the design to life.

Liquid Pearl Candlewicking 008

Printed Candlewicking Patterns:

Another technique I tried was to size and print out candlewicking patterns on cardstock.  This is a great way to incorporate some of the beautiful candlewicking designs that are available on the net. 

You will need to pay attention to the size of your design when printing.  I printed my initial candlewicking pattern out fairly small and it was a bit difficult to get a feel for the dot size and spacing at first as you can see....

Liquid Pearl Candlewicking 003

With a bit of practice though I was able to work in this small size and achieve beautiful results....

Liquid Pearl Candlewicking 004

And here they are side by side...first attempt and after a bit of practice...

Liquid Pearl Candlewicking 005

Acetate Liquid Pearls Candlewicking

Another idea I had was to use a candlewicking pattern behind a sheet of acetate!  I simply used a bit of my ATG tape to adhere the pattern to the back of my acetate sheet and add the Liquid Pearls to the front.

Liquid Pearl Candlewicking 010

and here is the finished example...

Liquid Pearl Candlewicking 012

So there you go...
another really fun way to incorporate Liquid Pearls into your next art project!

I hope you give this and all the Liquid Pearls techniques I've been sharing a try. 


  1. Another amazing technique! TFS

  2. That is Beautiful! Love LP!

  3. It made me feel "normal" that you made great improvement with a bit of practice... I am a Human crafter too!
    I don't have any Liquid Pearls, but I have some old Liquid Stitches that I'm going to play with this weekend to see if I can get your candlewicking look.

  4. Those dots look really small! How ddid you get them to stay so small...I know practice makes perfect..but they look so small!!! This is a really pretty technique!!

  5. Brilliant! It looks very addictive!!

  6. Hi Roni -

    What a really wonderful look! I remember candlewicking, and I love your take on it. I especially love the piece done on acetate. Just lovely!

    Elaine Allen

  7. Ha- ha -I too remember when candle wicking was all the rage, but it never look this good. Thanks for all the experimenting you do. It really helps.


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