Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Liquid Pearls Brushed Embroidery

You just never know where inspiration is going to come from...a few weeks ago I was watching an old episode of Cake Boss and I saw Buddy use a very cool technique to decorate a cake that I knew instantly I had to try using Liquid Pearls. 

I did some searching around on the internet and I finally found what this technique was called in the cake world ~ Brush Embroidery.   It is just beautiful and here is my stamping world version...

Liquid Pearls Brushed Embroidery


Liquid Pearls (Ranger)
Resist Ink or Embossing Ink (Ranger)
Tiny Tip Brush*
Scrap Paper

*Selecting a Brush ~ Wilton recommends a flat brush when working with frosting which is what Buddy was using as well.  I have found that when working with Liquid Pearls a tiny tip brush works better.  The thicker flat brushes thin the Liquid Pearls out so much you loose the fine lines you get from the smaller tip.  Of course you can experiment and see what works best for you but I prefer the brush in the center.

Liquid Pearls Brush Emboridery 002


1. Stamp desired image onto your cardstock using a clear ink...Resist or Embossing.  You're looking for a faint watermark type image.  

Note: I have been messing with this technique for a while and I have found that larger images with bold lines work the best.  But the great thing about using the clear ink is that you don't have to follow the original design exactly.  I have more detailed stamps that I have tried with this technique and just use the lines I want.  Works great!

Liquid Pearls Brush Emboridery 001

2. Outline one section of your image with a medium to thick line of Liquid Pearls.  You will need to apply the Liquid Pearls in small sections.  Similar to the frosting...the Liquid Pearls will develope a skin as it dries.  

Liquid Pearls Brush Emboridery 004

3. Starting from the inside center of your outlined image pull the inner edge of the Liquid Pearls a short distance towards the center of the image.  Continue pulling the rest of the LP towards the center of the image using small strokes. 

Liquid Pearls Brush Emboridery 007

NOTE: You will need to clean off your brush tip as you work. If your brush becomes too full it will being to pull the outer edge of your outline along with the inner edge ruining your design in the process. 

Liquid Pearls Brush Emboridery 011

Here is a photo of an "in process" section of my image...

Liquid Pearls Brush Emboridery 008

4. Continue to outline and feather the Liquid Pearls until the entire image has been completed.

Liquid Pearls Brush Emboridery 010

TIP: If by chance you do happen to mess up the outer edge of the Liquid Pearls as you are working around your image, you can go back and apply a bit more LP over the damaged area.  Continue pulling only the inner edge of the LP towards the center until your image has been completed.

5. After I have finished all of the areas I want to "embroider" I go back and add detail lines which will not be feathered but left whole.  This just adds a nice finished look to your final image.

And here is what your finished image may look like...

Liquid Pearls Brush Emboridery 012
Stamp: Autumn Leaves;
Liquid Pearls: White Opal

Now you can use more than just White LP's for these great images...below are a couple more examples of this technique using a variety of LP's....

Liquid Pearls Brush Emboridery 014
Stamp: Just For Fun Rubber Stamps;
Liquid Pearls: Lavender Lace, Baby Blue, Ocean Blue, Peacock

Liquid Pearls Brush Emboridery 013
Liquid Pearls: Cantaloupe; Bisque; Peacock
Adirondack Dimensional Pearls: Espresso

Once dry these images can be used to create cards, in scrapbooks, collage or altered art projects. 
Use them to grace the cover of a journal or on a Gothic Arch or ATC. 
Just think of how beautiful it would be for Valentines Day, a Wedding, Anniversary or really for any occasion!
The possibilities are endless as are the designs you could come up with!


  1. Hi Roni

    You are amazing. Your a constant imspiring source. Thanks a bunch for all those beautiful tutorials. Your flowers are gorgeous. I'll have to try my hand on this technique.

  2. Thanks for a fabulous tutorial Roni. The embroidery looks absolutely stunning and will be giving this a go.
    Fliss x

  3. Spectacular technique! Thanks for sharing

  4. I'll try this, really pretty and thanks for sharing. hugs, Amy

  5. Roni -

    Now this is really beautiful! I love the texture you get with this. And it really does resemble embroidery. The butterfly is just gorgeous!

    Elaine Allen

  6. What I really like is that your idea came from watching something else altogether -- Cake Boss! You have just proved that inspiration is everywhere. We just need to be open to it! Thanks for showing us the way, Roni

  7. You truly are a constant source of inspiration! I have your blog at the top of my iGoogle and it is the first thing I check out every morning! I so appreciate all that you share with us! Thank you.

  8. What a fabulous idea!!! Thanks for the tut :)

  9. Oh, it winds up looking like the tooling done on leather... like on western saddles and belts and stuff... neat, to be able to transfer that idea to scrapbooking. thanks for the idea!

  10. What a great idea, I love finding something new to try So thank you for sharing ! :o) x

  11. I saw that episode of Cake Boss and thought that would be fun to try too. Very fun!

  12. This is fabulous. Thanks for the tutorial.

  13. TFS
    I'll have fun trying this.

  14. WOW! What a great technique! I love embroidery and I think that the pearls really look like embroidery the way you work it. Bravo!

  15. New this medium and love the tutorial that you have done for us, love LP and now hoping I have enough much money to buy a few more. Have been inspired.

  16. this is amazing hopeing to buy more now that I have been inspired with more ideas. Thank you

  17. Roni, what a fun and unique tutorial! Love it, thanks for sharing.


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