Monday, May 9, 2011

Ink Pad Storage!

I am so excited...this past weekend was out town wide garage sale.  There were something like 35-40 garage sales and the local paper printed up a map with each sale listed.  It was great! Mom and I had so much fun.  Since most of the sales started on Thursday, Saturday at most of them was either 1/2 price or fill a grocery bag for $1.00!!! 

I found LOTS of bargains but my most favorite buy was this.... a new ink pad storage unit!

New Ink Rack

Can you tell what it was?

See the faint "Zig" in the upper left hand corner?  It was actually one of the EK Success Zig store display cases!!  I got it for $ 0.50. 

I had to do a bit of demolition on it ~ there were extra shelves that I took out and I cut away plastic tabs where the color names used to be.  It now houses all of my Adirondack Dye Inks, my Archival Inks and a few misc. pads I have recently used.  Each compartment holds 7 pads but I only put 6 in each so I would have room to push the pads around to get middle/bottom pads out. I am so pleased with it...they are so much more accessible than they were before.

So if you have a chance to buy one of those pen store displays ~
do pads fit perfectly!


  1. That is the buy of the CENTURY! And apparently meant for you! I love it! Now I'll be scouring garage sales looking for something like it. And something for my stamps, which BOTH need help in organizing!

    Fun stuff!


  2. Very cool! I love great storage too!

  3. I want to hang out in your town for a while. The garage sales around here are mostly baby items and sporting goods - and the prices do not go to half price! Congratulation on you amazing find - love how you have repurposed it!

  4. Fabulous find! I never think about garage sales for stuff like this, next time I will. TFS

  5. I got one for $2 at a Recollections store that went out of bix many years ago, I use mine for pens and markers. It is on my blog in the Top 10 things I cant live without. Great idea!

  6. Great buy and an awesome storage idea :)


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