Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June!!!

Gosh, can you believe that we're starting the 6th month of 2011 already?
I don't know about you but it sure seems like the year is just flying by!

Well as we start a new month it's also time to check out the fun, interesting and just down right bizarre holidays and observances for June.



Rose & Honeysuckle

Zodiac Signs:

Gemini / The Twins, May 21 - June 21

Cancer / The Crab, June 22 - July 22


Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite

Month Long Observances:
American Rivers Month

Audiobook Month

Cancer Awareness Month

Graduation Month

Happy Women Month

National Accordion Awareness Month

National Adopt A Cat Month
(we adopted a cat last month...not going to get another - LOL!!)

National Beef Steak Month
(Can you say b-b-que!!)
National Candy Month

National Dairy Month

National Drive Safe Month

National Flag Month

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

National Frozen Yogurt Month

National Iced Tea Month

National Papaya Month

National Pest Control Month

National Rose Month
(we should all take time to smell them!)

National Safety Month

National Seafood Month

National Summer Vacation Month
(wooo hoooo!!!)

National Tennis Month

Recycling Month

Turkey Lovers Month
(this should be in November - lol!!)

Zoo and Aquarium Month
(I LOVE Zoo's!!)

Week Long Observances:

Week One

America the Beautiful Week

International Volunteer Week

National Fishing Week

National Fragrance Week


National Headache Awareness Week

National Hug Holiday Week

National Safe Boating week

Step-Parents Week

Teacher Thank You Week

Week Two

Graffiti Week

Honor America Days

(June 14th through July 4th)

National Clay week

National Flag week

(Week in which June 14th Falls)

Nursing Assistants Week

Pet Appreciation Week (PAW)

Week Three

Amateur Radio Week

Hug Holiday Week

Men's Health Week

National Forgiveness Week

National Grasslands Week

National Little League Baseball Week

National Physical Therapy Week

National Roller Coaster Week

National Tennis Week

Take Your Pet to Work Week

Week Four

Deaf and Blindness Awareness Week

Eye Safety Awareness Week

National Camping Week

Daily Observances:

June 1

American Indian Citizenship Day

American Zoo Day

Artists of America Day

Dinosaur Day

International Children's Day

Queen Elizabeth's Birthday

Superman's Birthday (1938)

June 2

3-Ring Circus Day

Dare Day

National Bubba Day

National Chocolate Macaroon Day

June 3

Doughnut Day!!!!

Egg Day

National Cancer Survivors Day

National Itch Day

National Rocky Road Day

National Trails Day

June 4

Cheese Day

Old Maid's Day

National Cancer Survivors Day

National Frozen Yogurt Day

June 5

National Attitude Day
(my 18 yr old celebrates this every day!!)

National Gingerbread Day

Teacher's Day

World Environment Day

June 6

D-Day Anniversary

Drive-In Movie Theater Birthday (1933)

National Applesauce Cake Day

National Family Day

National Hunger Awareness Day

National Yo-Yo Day

June 7

June Bug Day

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

National Family Recreation Day

National Tailors Day

Native American Appreciation Day

June 8

Ice Cream USA

Lassie's Birthday

Watch Day

World Ocean Day

June 9

Best Friends Day

National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

National Marriage Day

Donald Duck's Debut (1934)

June 10

Public Zoo Day

June 11

National German Chocolate Day

National Hug Holiday

Write To Your Father Day

June 12

Baseball Invented (1839)

Machine Day

Magic Day

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

June 13

Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day

National Lobster Day

Weed Your Garden Day

June 14

Family History Day

Flag Day

National Strawberry Shortcake Day

Pig Callers Day

Pop Goes the Weasel Day

US Army Started

June 15

Ben Franklin's Kite Experiment (1752)

Go Fly a Kite Day

Power of a Smile Day

National Electricity Day

National Photography Day

June 16

Cracker Jacks Day (1893)

Fresh Veggies Day

National Fudge Day

National Hollering Contest Day

No Orange Clothes Day

June 17

Disneyland Opened (1955)

National Apple Strudel Day

World Juggling Day

June 18

Go Fishing Day

International Picnic Day

Macadamia Nut Day

National Cherry Tart Day

June 19

Eat an Oreo Day

Garfield's Birthday

National Martini Day

June 20

Bald Eagle Day

Ice Cream Soda Day

Juggling Day

Plain Yogurt Day

June 21


Dr. Pepper's B-day (1857)

First Ferris Wheel Opened (1893)

National Peaches & Cream Day

June 22

National Chocolate Eclair Day

Take your Dog to Work Day

June 23

Mid-Summers Eve

National Pecan Sandy Day

National Pink Day

Yo-Yo Birthday (1928)

June 24

America's Kids Day

Descendants Day

Great American Picnic Day

National Forgiveness Day


June 25

(Six Months til Christmas - NOEL Backwards)

National Strawberry Parfait Day

June 26

Bicycle Invented (1819)

National Chocolate Pudding Day

June 27

Captain Kangaroo's Birthday

National Orange Blossom Day

Sunglasses Day

June 28

World War 1 Commemoration

Hand Shake day

National Tapioca Day

Paul Bunyan Day

June 29

Camera Day

National Almond Butter Crunch Day

June 30

Meteor Day

And to help celebrate the month of June I thought it only appropriate to give away a stamp set that's all about weddings/anniversaries with a bit of rayon ribbon tossed in for good measure!

June Goodies 002

To be entered into the drawing in honor of June being Zoo & Aquarium Month...
Tell me what your favorite wild animal/fish is!

I love most all animals but I have two absolute favorites...the Tiger and Giraffe. 
Luckily for me our local zoo - The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo - has great exhibits of both!

You will have until 6-15 to post your answer!

Have a wonderful June!!


  1. The beautiful white tiger would be my favorite wild animal. I love when there is an exhibit close.

  2. Whew! I knew June is a very busy month but this is craaaazy busy! Please do not enter me as I am already so fortunate to have won the grand prize. Happy June to you Roni...

  3. ok this is not probably what you mean but my favourite wild animal is our British prickly hedgehog ! just love to see them snuffling about the garden at dusk

  4. Hi Roni -

    I'm an animal lover so its hard for me to choose. But I would say lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Ok, ok, I couldn't help myself - LOL! I love lions, penguins and those adorable baby seals.

    Elaine Allen

  5. I think giraffes because they seem so graceful, something I'm not!

  6. so hard to choose... but I do think the Egyptian Mouth breeders are pretty cool to watch!

  7. Hi Roni! I just thought I'd say thanks for the Monthly observances. I always get a kick out them. June is a bit unique for me though. See my Mom is a 30 year Breast Cancer Survivor, and she's celebrating her 70th birthday this year. Her date of birth June 4th, National Cancer Survivor Day. cool in away isn't it!

  8. Happy West Virginia Day (1863) on June 20 :)!
    I love the sea otters & river otters. You simply cannot leave without smiling at their antics! TFS

  9. I would have to say the huge gracefull elephant would be my favorite wild animal.
    I like June...It's my birthday month!

  10. I can't wait for "Eat an Oreo Day"!

    As for wild animals, I love them all. When I lived in San Diego I had an unlimited pass to the Zoo and Wild Animal park,(which was my favorite because of the big open spaces and natural settings).
    As a child my favorite was the lion~(loved the mane on a male)~ and I saw "Born Free" and wanted a pet "Elsa". Our house-cat fills those dreams as well as can be expected for an old Tabby!

  11. It's my youngest daughters birthday this month so one little girl is very, very excited to be in June!! lol.
    My fave wild animal is the kangaroo. Love them :)

  12. I love the big cats especially tigers. I could watch them all day.

  13. I love moose. The are so big, gawky, and curious. I think they were created out of left over parts!!

  14. I always enjoy reading your post on the beginning of each month, most of them are a great excuse for pie and pastry to celebrate :o)
    My favorite wild animal is without a doubt the black panther, it has this misterious feel over it and stands for power and speed, those animals are a work of art!

  15. To just pick one when you're an animal lover is really hard. I'll pick lions. I watch them on the live cam at the National Zoo in Washington DC. Lots of animal cams. There are 7 cubs, two moms, one very happy dad.

  16. I would have to say that monkeys are my favorites.

  17. I like so many animals but I think my favourite has to be giraffes. They are so tall and elegant - just beautiful!!

  18. I love giraffes and dolphins. They are both graceful & seem so friendly!

  19. how time flies for sure..o
    my most favorite beautiful wild animal has and always will be the Wolf..himans could learn so much from this wise animal....thx for a chance to win roni..loves ya

  20. I love zoos too...I always feel guilty that those animals are not free, but then how could we see what the rest of the world has????
    I love the birds...there are so many different kinds...I could just watch them all day. (Maybe these are not an animal but they ARE in the zoo!!!)
    :o) e

  21. Here in Anchorage, Alaska this time of year our zoo hosts orphaned baby animals. This year we have a baby polar bear. She is waiting to go to a new home in a zoo in the states, but she is so adorable, just a ball of marshmallow fluff. The orphaned baby moose are also cute-they are raised and returned into the wild, but they are so cute to watch with their wobbly long legs. I guess I love them all!
    Our 44th wedding anniversary is the 15th of June-so June is a special month for me.
    Thank you for the whimical door knocker and the roll of tinted tape. I smile every time I see the frogs peeking out.
    Hope everyone enjoys the fabulous month of June!!!
    Jackie in Alaska

  22. I love big cats and bears... bears are so fun to watch at the zoo or in the wild they always amaze me!

  23. I could sit and watch the polar bears and the elephants all day!

  24. Almost to hard to choose just the one animal! But I've always been in love with the surikats, ever since the tv-series about the cute surikat family on Animal Planet 'Meerkat Manor' :)

  25. I really do love all animals, but rhinos and hippos hold a special place in my heart.

  26. My favorite wild animal is the penguin. I have collected examples of them for most of my life.

  27. I've been reading the previous posts and after each one I think yes that's my favorite, too and then the next ect. I watched a video on my computer of a little boy running along side of a river otter and the otter followed him over and over. I fell in love. It was so cute. So for today it's the river otter.

  28. My favorite wild animal(add an s here as I have more than one that I adore equally) are wild horses, wolves, and ravens. My favorite fish are Salmon, you have to appreciate their tenacity and will to reproduce at any cost!

  29. Wow, never realized June was so full of observances! My favorites (I have more than one) are otters - river and sea, zebras, and orcas. Kind of an eclectic group of favorites, but there you have it. :)

  30. Love this stamp set! I'm working on my daughter's wedding album and guest book and this would be great to use on it!
    As for favorite animal...most definitely the giant panda!! LOVE them ...they look just like a stuffed animal.

  31. I guess my favourite animal would have to be a Leopard or a cheetah, such incredible strength and speed, also because they are in the cat family.

  32. The Oregon Zoo in Portland was the first zoo west of the Mississippi River!! That being said, this zoo has gone through many changes!! Lucky for me, I've seen a few of those!! My favorite animal has always been the lion!! Our zoo now has an exhibit called "Animals of the Serenghti" which allows these fabulous creations room to roam!! If you have a chance to visit, it will amaze you!

  33. My favorite will animal is the koala bear. Cuddly and furry....
    elaine in jersey

  34. I love the Cheeta's they are so quick and love the markings on them. I think these are beautiful creatures.

  35. Koala bear is my fav animal. They are so cute & cuddly. sometimes they have these blurry look which makes them even cuter!

  36. The chubby and loving Panda Bear! Not to mention the black and white is always in style! Thanks for another amazing giveaway!

  37. I would say my fav is dolphins. They are intelligent and they always have a "smile". :o)

  38. The giraffes are the best! They are so tall and graceful. They make me happy :)

  39. Giraffes are the best! They are so tall and graceful. Also, they are easy to take pictures with!

  40. It would have to be the panther. i have loved them all my life and have owned a succession of black cats over the years so I could pretend i had one of the larger varieties! And fish? It would have to be cichlids in all shapes and colours, easy care!

  41. i love the siberian tiger, he is always so sleek looking and has such a wonderful color pattern to his coat. even the white tigers have a variation of colors.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!