Saturday, June 25, 2011

Liquid Pearls - Sticky/Drying Issue

Recently ScrapThat asked a very good question about having a "cure time" issue when she used Liquid Pearls on a scrapbook page that she then placed in a page protector....I thought I'd share my response with everyone as I'm sure she's not the only scrapbooker to run into this problem.


Have a question for you, since you are familiar with the enamel accents.
I have found that the liquid pearls are sticky until they have "cured" for a long while (if you allow them to dry to the touch and then put them in a page protector they will stick to it if you don't leave them out for a long while to cure) How are the enamel accents in this regards?
TIA for attempting to answer!
June 24, 2011 8:51 AM


 I have never used any of the "Accents" on a sb lo before so I can't really answer your question.

I think the issue with the Liquid Pearls may be that they need to dry completely through the entire "dot" before you place it in a page protector resulting in the "cure time".

Think of it like a doughnut...When you fry a doughnut, the outside forms a nice crispy crust while the inside remains soft and moist.

Liquid Pearls are very similar as it will be dry to the touch on the outside forming a little shell or crust while the center remains damp until all of the moisture evaporates.

If it's put into the plastic page protector before this evaporation process is completed the moisture will continue to evaporate through the outer shell/crust, be trapped in the plastic page protector and will cause the LP's to stick to the page protector.

I'm sure this drying process and the time it takes to dry completely will vary depending on how thickly the Liquid Pearls has been applied and the temp/humidity in your particular region and/or home.


As for the Enamel Accents, I have cards that have been stored in the open air which still from time to time stick to the backs of other cards. It's not sticky enough to pull the paper off of the card that was stuck to the EA and it's not sticky to the touch, I think it may just be the nature of the beast. 


  1. Thanks Roni...Yes I have learned through trail and error to let the pearl accents dry at least a week even the enamel accents seem to have the same property that they need a good long curing time?

  2. Okay...that should read Trial and error.

  3. LOL we must have been editing at the same time!
    Thanks Roni...that's exactly what I wanted to know :)

  4. I've had that same problem ~ good to know. tfs

  5. I have used Microglaze on some sticky things on my paper which has removed the sticky. I don't know if it would work in this application, but you could try it and see?



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