Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inkssentials Foil Tape Image Transfer Technique *Faux Tin Type Image Transfer!

Today I have a REALLY quick, easy, mess-free, fun image transfer technique....

Foil Tape Image Transfer
Faux Tin Type

Now I've tried and shared many many of different types of  Image Transfer Techniques here on the blog over the years but I have to say I think this is the easiest transfer technique I've ever tried.  It is virtually mistake free...  I've been experimenting with it for a while now and I can honestly say I've not had a single image turn out bad.  The best part is that not only is this a great image transfer technique but it doubles as a Faux Tin Type Image Transfer!!  Now how cool is that!

You must use a laser or xerox copy for this image transfer technique.  If you're looking for an image transfer technique using ink jet images please check out the link to some of the other image transfer techniques I've shared.  There are a couple techniques in there that work well with ink jet images.

Foil Image Transfer 001

Just a note - This foil tape wasn't originally designed for this technique but it works perfectly so this is where experimentation really pays off!  I love it when experiments turn out so well!


Inkssentials Foil Tape - Ranger Industries
Laser or Xerox Image - (using Alpha Stamps images for ex)
Bone Folder
Glossy Accents - Ranger Industries


1. Trim a piece of the foil close to the size of the image you wish to transfer.  The foil sheets come in two sizes - 6x12" and 4.25x5.5" so you have lots of options on sizes you'd like to transfer.

Foil Image Transfer 003

2. Flip the foil over so the white paper backing is face up.  Carefully remove the backing paper and place the image (face down) directly onto the adhesive.

Foil Image Transfer 004

3. Burnish with a spoon or bone folder.  This step is just to ensure the image is completely stuck to the foil.

Foil Image Transfer 005

4. Saturate the back of the image with water.

Foil Image Transfer 006

5. Begin rubbing the paper from the image/foil.  Add more water if needed.

Foil Image Transfer 010

Foil Image Transfer 013

6. Once you remove most of the paper you will notice the image still feels a bit bumpy...this is the remaining bits of paper still stuck to the image.  Here is the great part of this technique.... Add a couple more squirts of water so the image is covered and rub the image until it feels completely smooth.  Once the foil feels smooth you will know all of the paper has been removed!  No more more letting the image dry between water/rubbing!  You just know the paper is all gone when it's smooth!!

 Foil Image Transfer 011

Foil Image Transfer 012

Foil Image Transfer 014

7. Finally I like to add a dab of Glossy Accents and swipe it over the image with my finger tip.  This just seals and protects the image if it is going to be used where the image could be exposed to scratching.

I tell you, this is such a quick and easy image transfer that yields great finished images each and every time.  That's not something I'd normally say about image transfer techniques because some are hit or miss but not this one.  It's great!

Tomorrow I'll share a ideas on how to incorporate these image transfers into various projects.

Be sure to stop back in then!


  1. love the technique.. thanks for sharing.. i have so far had no much luck with transfers!

  2. so cool!!
    love the effect!!!

  3. Excellent... Thanks for sharing.

  4. fabulous! can't wait to try this! thanks, roni!!

  5. Amazing wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  6. whoa, that is amazing, I love this technique. Thanks for sharing

  7. Now THAT is an easy transfer technique! I think I have some foil tape/sheets lying around, next time I need to make an image transfer I'll try it.


  8. I actually like the vintage look of a transfer that isn't perfect, so I think I will personally not use this technique.
    BUT, maybe other adhesive papers will work too, so this is inspirational to me...

  9. I'll have to give this a try with silver foil tape. TFS

  10. And here I thought I wouldn't use this foil tape -- silly me! Now I am need to try this out.

  11. This technique also works with the much cheaper foil tape that you get by the roll at the hardware store. Of course it limits the size of your image more than the foil tape sheets. I had to try this right away and love it!

  12. SO cool Roni! It is just like the packing tape technique only with a much cooler looking background! Great thinking!

  13. HOLY COW..this is too cool!! I've tried some of the other image transfers without much luck. This one looks like I might be able to make it work!! THANKS!!!

  14. I would never have thought to try this transfer tecnique on foil sheets and can't wait to give it a try. I'm going to try the aluminum ducting tape first...since I already have some of that!


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