Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paint Brush Charm

Charms...you all know how much I love charms.  If you're new here I'll be getting a list around of the various charm tutorials I have shared over the last few years but today I couldn't wait for all that cause I've been playing with another fun charm tutorial I just have to share with you.

O.k...I don't know about you but I have to admit I'm really bad about cleaning my brushes after I use them.  To say I put my brushes through he** is an understatement. Sometimes I have to soak them for days to get the paint, glue, etc. softened up enough to be able to clean/use them again.  There are times though that I finally just have to give it up and retire them.  Well, today I wanted to share what I do with these old brushes...  I turn them into charms of course! 

Here's how I do it....

Paint Brush Charm

Paint Brush Charm 002


Old, grungy, dried up paint brush
Wire Working Tools (wire cutter, round tip pliers)
Beads (optional)


1. Break the tips off  of your paint brush...doesn't matter if it's wood or plastic, they break pretty easily.

Paint Brush Charm 003

2. (optional) You can leave the tip as is but I like to fray out the bristles a bit to give it a bit of added character.  The more wild the tip is I think the cooler the finished charm looks.   This is also a great time to add a bit more color if desired.  I had a couple paint brushes I dug out of my sons trash (he makes models) that were all blue so I added a bit of metallic bronze & gold to the bristles.  You can even wipe a bit of paint onto the handle for a more authentic look ;)

Paint Brush Charm 004

3. Now cut off a piece of wire approx 12"-18" in length.  Start at one end and create a little loop.

Paint Brush Charm 006

4. Place this loop near the bristle end of your brush tip.  Hold it in place with one hand and begin wrapping the wire tightly around the tip with your other hand. 

Paint Brush Charm 007

5. When you reach the broken end of the paint brush, stop twisting the wire around on the back side of the brush.

Paint Brush Charm 008

6. Bend the wire at a right angle so it's in line with the brush.  Now wrap the wire around the round nose wire pliers to form the loop which the wire will later hang from.

Paint Brush Charm 009

7. Finish the charm off by wrapping the excess wire around and around the brush right below the loop.  You can be  as neat or as haphazard as desired.  I like the more haphazard look so the wire looks like it's all knotted up.

Paint Brush Charm 014

And now you've got yourself a very funky, fun charm!

Paint Brush Charm 018

Tomorrow I'll share a version of this charm with beads and dangles.
Till then, run don't walk to your trash can and dig out those brushes!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! Who would've thought it? I just need a littl of your mojo, just a little please. I see this and think okay what treasure can I make to top something Roni has done! Dang woman, you rock!

  2. I am so glad you are doing charms again. I love this one! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a fabulous idea - I suddenly want to do a bunch of these to put around the bottom of a lampshade! And can I just say that the one on the right has a faintly corset-like shape, which just makes it even cooler!

  4. Awesome way to relieve the guilt of wrecking yet another brush! Thanks as always for your fun ideas Roni!

  5. What a great idea! I must try this! Thanks for sharing! Love your ideas creative mind!

  6. How do you keep coming up with these amazing ideas :) another thing to put on my todo list lol
    thanks for sharing with us
    Von x

  7. You never cease to amaze me! Who would have thought those old brushes could turn into something so cool!

  8. Lol! You never cease to amaze me! They're absolutely 'charm'ing! :)

  9. Great fun recycle of your quirky paint brushes. I am charmed by them. Your talents go far beyond ink stains my dear...

  10. I have two brushes sitting on my table right now! Now I just need some wire!

  11. What a clever way of keeping a beloved brush near and dear to you.

  12. Too clever. What a great idea. I use my brushes as a bun holder sometimes, but I never would have thought to make charms. Love it!

  13. well omgoshhh !! roni you done it again..lol..what a great idea..tfs..loves ya

  14. OMG, fabulous idea..... dang, we just trashed a bunch of old brushes.

    (slapping myself, lol)


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