Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ranger - Adirondack Alcohol Ink Project!



If you remember a few weeks ago I shared some fun inking techniques using Ranger's Adirondack Alcohol Inks to create various flower designs....


My Pansies hit the big time....

They are one of the featured projects on Ranger's front page for the month of February!!!

Here is a direct link to the project if you'd like to take a look

Woo Hooo :)

Doin' the happy dance!

LMK what you think!


  1. Congratulations! I want to try these. Your blog has turned me into an inkaholic! I am loving them all. I have been experimenting on fabrics (that I will not wash) for the art dolls that I am working on. I know some types of spray ink are not waterproof. I am having a great time! Thank you for all of the ideas.

  2. That is way too cool. Congrats on being featured like that!!

  3. Congratulations Roni! Ranger knows a good thing when it sees it! And your projects are always fun, easy and spectacular to look at!

    Elaine Allen

  4. Very cool! Congratulations Roni!

  5. awesome! I enjoy your blog a lot and am happy to see this for you!

  6. They rock! Ranger rocks! You rock! Congrats!

  7. Congratulations, Roni! You SO deserve the nod! Your techniques are fab, I check out your blog daily, even though I might not leave a comment all the time...shame on me.

  8. Congrats Roni, I remember wanting to try them and copied the instructions but haven't taken the time yet, I'm working on an album of old (older?) pictures of my mom for her 80th birthday.

    I looked for your book at my library and didn't find it so I put in a request via interlibrary loan but my boss bought it instead.
    It will be on our shelves or at my house. yeh

  9. Congratulations, Roni! Things seem to be coming your way. It is a great technique. I want to try it for myself soon....so many techniques...so little time!!! I love it all. Dawn in Ohio

  10. How great for you!

    I have a request: Can you show/talk about storing the various products? I see conflicting info about storing some things upside down, on its side, etc.


  11. Congratulations Roni!!!! Yea, I would be doin' the happy dance too...lol....matter of fact I'm doin' it with ya now..WooHoo!

  12. WONDERFUL! Well deserved. They are beautiful, thanks for reminding me, I need to make some of those!

  13. Congratulations! I made a few of these when you first showed them on your blog. I was at a crop - and my friends were amazed! makes me want to do some more!

  14. I know! I was on Rangers site a couple of days ago and I reconized your work right away! I thought how cool it was that I knew it was you! I didn't realize it was big time for you, so congrats!!! I have been following your blog for awhile and this is the first time I've left a comment. (im alittle shy at first) again congrats!!! Love your work!

  15. Thanks everyone :) It's not often you come up with a new technique and it's nice when it is recognized!

  16. WOW!! These pansies are beautiful.
    I've been looking for something different to try with my alcohol inks and I've found it!! Thanks.


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