Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adding Stain over a Collage?

Recently Heather asked about how to stain over a collage she created using pictures and masking tape. Here is her post...

"I tried to send you an email, but the link wouldn't work. Your ideas are awesome. I came across your site while researching an idea I saw. I bought a collage that someone made by simply using masking tape to tape a variety of pictures onto a cardboard sheet poster and then they stained it. It looks really cool. I thought I would try my own. I bought a oil wood stain. After it dried it still would rub off and was sticky. Any ideas of a type of stain that would work? I can email you a picture of the collage if that would help. "

I touched on this in my book, adding a translucent layer of color over your collage is an excellent way to age, add uniformity and just bring the whole thing together giving it a nice finished look.

The main issue Heather was experiencing (rubbing off & that sticky feeling) is due to the oil based stain. Oil based products are mainly used on absorbent materials ~ wood, untreated paper, MDF, etc. When you use an oil based product on coated papers or other non-porous surfaces (like the masking tape) it basically just lays on the surface since it can't be absorbed.

I would suggest using an Acrylic Wash or an Acrylic Glaze Medium for this type of application. The main difference between an acrylic or oil based product is the acrylic type of finish is a water-based medium. Once the water evaporates all you have left is color.

To make a wash you simply dilute acrylic paint in a bit of water or if you prefer to add a bit of a protective layer to your project glazes are the way to go. There are all sorts of brush on acrylic glaze mediums on the market available in a wide price range. Mfg include: Decoart, FolkArt, Delta, Duncan, Golden, Sakura, Dala, etc. There are also a few aerosol type glazes available from FolkArt, Krylon, and Duncan.

Hope that helps Heather! If anyone else has any other collage related or other questions jlmk, I'd be happy to help if I can!

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