Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vintage Postcard Sunday - St Pats & Flowers

Sounds like an odd combination I know but a few people mentioned that they'd like to see more holiday postcards while others have stated they like the regular postcards better. SOOO I decided that when it's near a holiday I'll post a few of those and a few regulars at the same time to make everyone happy ... well, at least try to keep everyone happy. That way if you celebrate ~ super and if not you'll still have some fun postcards to use too!

Here goes...

Flowery Postcards

...for all of us who are tired of winter and ready for something other than snow covering the ground!

All the back says is..."Along the Florida Coast"

flowers 001

Purple Dawn - Cammellia Japonica
(no idea what this flower is but it's beautiful!)

flowers 003

Bluebonnets in Bloom

Texas State Flower

This place looks soooooo warm!!!!

flowers 004

This is a Russian postcard so I don't know what it says but they are so very pretty!

flowers 006

Birthday Poppies

flowers 002

And now for those of you who are into St. Patty's Day....

A few Irish Postcards!

An Irish Homestead

st pat 5

Blarney Castle

st pat 6

Erin Go Bragh

st pat 3

Eagel's Nest, Killarney

st pat 7

McSwine's Castle

Rathmullen Co, Donegal

st pat 4

Remember tomorrow I'll be sharing the products used in the newest Mystery Technique. If you haven't posted your guess be sure and do so to be entered to win :)

Later this week I'll be sharing a bit more on GlueFoil. Seems there are lots of people out there who haven't heard of it yet so I'll answer a few questions and maybe even share a video if I can get it made/edited in time.

Have a wonderful remainder to your weekend everyone!!

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  1. Gorgeous postcards Roni! The pink flowers are Camellia's. They grow here in Vancouver and are just stunning flowers!


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