Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SHAUN WHITE = GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!

OMG ~ that guy is simply


Did you see his amazing run?

I just can't believe it's humanly possible to do some of the things he accomplishes!

What a show!!!!!!

SHAUN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!


  1. From an "old lady" who's "only looking", that is one of the cutest red-headed young men, EVER. When he smiles, the snow melts! Tina

  2. Shaun White is def. living up to the hype in Vancouver. I've followed him since he was just a lil redheaded boy...his skills are AMAZING! He is setting the bar at a whole new level.

  3. Yes, amazing, simply amazing. Yesterday was a big medal day for the US. I think Louie Vito should have gotten a higher score on the last run, tho.

  4. Hi Roni -

    Just a little bit excited are we? LOL!!! How can you not be - AWESOME!


  5. LOL...AZvia Tx - Oh yes, I have to agree with you...he is just so cute. It helps that he's got such a great personality. What a doll!

    ROFL ~ Yeah, just a bit excited. He is wicked awesome!

    Lori ~ I agree about Louie Vito's last run. I was surprised it was only a few points higher...Obviously they didn't see the run we did!


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