Friday, February 19, 2010

Beeswax Collage Basics - Pt V

We're in the final steps of our beeswax collage!!

Here is what it currently looks like...

beeswax 5 001

Highlighting Stamped Beeswax Images

Today I wanted to start off by sharing a couple ways to highlight the images we stamped into the beeswax.

For images that have a large stamped surface such as this one...

beeswax 5 002

You can easily paint the image in using acrylic paints...

beeswax 5 005

beeswax 5 006

For more intricate designs such as this image...

beeswax 4 006

You can rub the paint over the image working the paint into all of the cracks and crevices.

beeswax 5 008

I love this particular gives the image/collage a vintage feel.

beeswax 5 009

Cleaning Beeswax from Rubber Stamps

As I mentioned yesterday I wanted to show you how easy it is to remove excess beeswax from your stamps. This stamp has quite a bit of wax remaining on the image... It would be impossible to get a nice clean stamped image if this wax was left on the stamp.

beeswax 5 020

To remove, simply melt the wax with a heat tool and wipe away the molten wax with a soft cloth. Continue until you no longer see any wax on the stamp (it will look shiny when it's hot).

beeswax 5 021

Proof is in the pudding....all the wax is gone and you're left with a perfectly stamped image!

beeswax 5 022

Dimensional Beeswax Embellishments

One last thing I wanted to show you for this collage ~ how to create dimensional embellishments from beeswax.

I am using a Mold n Pour mold ~

beeswax 5 010

Simply pour in the melted beeswax and let it cool.

beeswax 5 011

Once it is cooled gently pull the sides of the mold down to release the beeswax piece.

beeswax 5 012

You'll notice that there is a bit of flashing (excess beeswax around the edges). This is easily removed with a sharp tool or even your fingernail if it's long enough.

beeswax 5 013

Add color to your creation by adding Perfect Pearls...

beeswax 5 014

beeswax 5 016

To add to your collage, add a dot of hot wax

beeswax 5 017

And immediately press the embellishment into the wax.

beeswax 5 018

Removing the Sticky Feel from your Beeswax Collage

If after you have finished your collage and you notice there is a lingering sticky feel on some areas of the collage you can take care of this by dusting with Perfect Pearls or Talc. I prefer to use Perfect Pearls which adds color and shimmer at the same time!

beeswax 5 019

Here is a photo of the finished collage....I couldn't get a photo w/o the flash so it's a bit difficult to see. Tomorrow when it's sunny I'll take another picture in the natural light.

beeswax 5 023

So there you go...

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial.

I know it took a while and I know some people are over beeswax but there are just so many things to share I would hate to leave something out and have someone get frustrated because I failed to mention one thing or another.

I will put down the brush and walk away from the beeswax for a bit ;) LOL!!

Tomorrow if I get them all typed up I'm planning on sharing a few Irish Toasts since we're only a few weeks away from St. Patty's Day.

Sunday of course I'll have more vintage postcards to share :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Roni -

    The collage turned out just beautiful! I also really like your finishing touch of the film strip! I love the idea of using the acrylic paint in the stamped image, really does give that old world look. Thank you for the info on the molds as well, I was not aware you could use the beeswax for that.
    Thank you again for such a great tutorial. You covered all the bases - and it was fun!

    Elaine Allen

  2. I'll second that Elaine, the collage looks fab, can't wait to have a go with these techniques
    Thanks for taking the time to put this tutorial together - it must have taken ages
    Claire xx

  3. That is a great collage. Thanks for the tut.

  4. love the finished collage! I think the photo is good! and really luv the filmstrip! I just need to do one bigger ...ty ty ty !

  5. Thank you for all your hard work, ive learnt heaps and will have to give it a go....jenxo

  6. OK So I wasn't sold of the idea of adding something else to my growing list of supplies, but I sure do love this finished product! I've been doing a entire house theme makeover and I think I need a pair of these beauties in my living room! Love them!

  7. Oh this turned out so beautifully! Love it! Thank you for sharing!

  8. The collage is simply gorgeous!!! Your finishing touches really set off...insert drooling here:)

    Off to pull my supplies together & work on a small project...yeah!

  9. i love your blog. It's just the kind that I like - I'm a visual hands on learner and you always show the best things! I've been wanting to work with some beeswax, I actually made an ATC and covered in beeswax but didn't know a whole lot so it came out kind of cloudy. Now I know that I can go back and meld the pieces together. Thanks for making art so easy. You rock, Roni!!!

  10. Thank you Roni, I just finished (or at least done for now) the album I made for Mom's 80th birthday tomorrow. Now when I can see my table top again I'm going to do a small was collage. gotta go put scrapbooking supplies away. have a great week-end.

  11. I learned so much from reading these! Your tutorial is wonderful and informative. I have all the stuff - I've only used the beeswax/melting pot once... You have now inspired me to get it out and work with it again.... Thanks for much for taking the time to put this together!

  12. Oh my Roni. This piece is so gorgeous and I am loving all your step by step instructions. The Perfect Pearls add such a beautiful shine and color to the beeswax..and I can't wait to give it a try!

  13. WOWO!!! that finished collage is GORGEOUS!! well done, ROni!! you have once again inspired me!

  14. awesome!! thanks so much for taking the time to go step by step..i really love that i feel i can go back and recreate what you have done..sometimes those special make it perfect steps are left out..thanks so much for sharing!!

  15. I buff my collages with a very soft cloth to remove the stickiness

  16. I just found this awesome tut!!!! Thanks so much for the time and trouble and generosity in sharing!!!!!


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