Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vintage Postcard Sunday - Snowy Scenes!

In honor of the Winter Olympics now going on I thought it would be cool to share some snowy scenes today.

Winter in the Mountains of the Southwest

snowy scenes 001

From right here in Indiana...

Turkey Run State Park

snowy scenes 003

Trail Scene

(Turkey Run State Park)

snowy scenes 004

Not sure where this is at....

Schlosshotel Bludenz

snowy scenes 005

Another I'm not sure about....

Neuschwanstein mit Allgauer und Tiroler Alpen

snowy scenes 006

Not sure how much of the Olympics you've all been watching but we've tried to catch as much as possible. You already know I love snowboarding but I also love the skiing & speed skating as well. Curling is pretty cool too but I have no idea what is going on ;)

As I sat there and watched I was truly inspired so I thought that I'd start the week off by sharing a fun technique inspired by the Olympics...

Anyone wanna take a guess at what specifically inspired me?!?!?!

You'll find out tomorrow if you were correct!!

See you then!


  1. humm...mica as ice..something red for shawn white...humm..cant wait to see..

  2. no clue...cuz my head just doesnt work like yours! cher

  3. Hi Roni,
    Schloss Neuschwanstein is the nicest castle in Germany where I am from. This is a really beautiful picture.

  4. Great postcards! Can't wait to see the new mystery technique.

  5. How about "curling" some paper, grungepaper, ribbon? LOL

  6. Did I see "mystery" technique? can't wait.

  7. YOu must been inspired of the Norwegian curling team..... (LOL)
    Do you see their's so funny, they look like clowns.

  8. Love the postcards! Right now I am looking out my window at similar castle, though...or mountains....just snow in Missouri! Again!

  9. Roni -

    Not even going to venture a guess as to what connection you made between the Olympics and paper crafting - LOL! But Victoria's idea of curling sounds interesting.

    Elaine Allen


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