Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fancy Origami Heart

In honor of Valentine's Day I wanted to make/share a nice origami heart with you so you could add it to a card, gift bag, etc.

Well, I can't tell you how many different patterns I tried till I found one I actually liked. So many of them sort of looked like a heart but the paper just flopped open and didn't really stay where it should making the "heart" look like a mess.

I finally found an origami heart that looked like a heart, stayed folded like I thought it should and was pretty to boot!

Now before we get started...I know this has lots of steps but I wanted to show everything in detail to make it easy. It goes really quick and the results are sooooo worth it so stick with me :)

OH - I tried something new with the photos...I added text & extra pointers to some of the photos ~ do you like them? Does it help/hurt with the explanation? PLMK what you think.

Bloomin Origami Heart

Origami Heart 033


Pattern Paper - 3x6; 4x8; 5x10, etc.

(optional) - Distress Ink, Ink Blending Tool

Origami Heart 001


1. (Optional) Since the back of my paper was white I added a bit of color with my Distress Ink & Ink Blending Tool.

Origami Heart 002

2. Fold the paper in half so you have two equal size squares. Crease & open.

Origami Heart 003

3. Fold each corner in towards the center line. Crease & open.

Origami Heart 004

Origami Heart 005

Your paper should now look like this....two squares with an "X" crease mark on each.

Origami Heart 006

4. Fold the outer edge towards the center crease. Crease & open. Repeat for the other side.

Origami Heart 008

Your paper should now look like this.... We're ready to begin creating the heart!

Origami Heart 009

5. Turn your paper so the boxes are now on top of each other. Lift the top edge and bring it in towards the center fold line. As you're doing so, draw the sides in towards the center as shown in the photo.

Origami Heart 010

You should now have a triangle ~ crease and leave folded.

Origami Heart 011

Repeat with the other creased box.

Origami Heart 012

6. Rotate the paper so the center line is pointing towards you.

Origami Heart 013

7. Lift the 4 triangles slightly. This will help with the next step.

Origami Heart 014

8. Fold each of the triangles towards each other. This will create 4 smaller triangles as shown.

Origami Heart 015

Repeat on the other side.

Origami Heart 016

9. Lift one of the triangles and open it by pressing on the tip. Press the tip down so it meets the center fold line.

Origami Heart 017

Your triangle will now form a square.

Repeat with the other 3 small triangles.

Origami Heart 018

You will now have for small squares in the center of the larger square.

Origami Heart 019

10. Flip the paper over. Your square should be made up of 2 larger triangles. Fold one of these triangles over onto the other.

Origami Heart 020

Your paper should now look like this...

Origami Heart 021

11. Flip your heart over so the front side is once again facing up.

Fold the two corners of each square in towards it's center mark creating a mini folded kite. Repeat with each square.

Origami Heart 023

Origami Heart 024

Your paper should now look like this...

Origami Heart 027

12. Flip the heart over so the back side is up. Fold & crease the two outside points. I folded these points over 1/4" (4x8 starting sheet).

Origami Heart 028

Origami Heart 029

13. Flip the heart over so the front side is facing up.

Lift up one of the small folded flaps on the kite. Press the tip open and crease. This will create a little "petal". Repeat with each flap on all of the mini kites.

Origami Heart 030

Once you have opened and creased each of the little flaps you will now have a neat little flower in the center of your heart!

Origami Heart 031

You can use the flower as is or add a nifty little embellishment to the center of the flower. You could add a brad, gemstone, charm, paper flower, bow, etc.

Origami Heart 032

Your Bloomin' Heart is now ready to be added to a gift card, flower bouquet, box of chocolates, etc.!

So, did you make it through to the end?

What do you think?

Fun huh?


  1. yes very cute...but I need to sit right here to do it lol..which is not my scrap room! cher

  2. Hey Roni! Yes the arrows and instructions helps a lot!! Boy, seems like a lot of work for you though...I hope not, because I'm likin' it...lol. Have a super duper day!

  3. Een erg duidelijke uitleg!! Bedankt Roni! Zal het direct in praktijk brengen!

  4. Hi Roni -

    What a sweetheart (sorry couldn't help myself) of a project! And the text helped immensely. But as Pooky said, it must be a lot of work? I really like being able to refer to your directions as I move along following the photos, it really helps.


  5. Love the way this was done. Really helps as I followed along to make the heart. Thanks!

  6. Hi, I made this last night as soon as I saw the post and it came out great! I used Bam Pop comic book themed paper and added my boyfriend's and my initials to the blossom and am using it to decorate my gift to him for Sunday. Thank you!

  7. I followed your instructions right in front of my computer each step was easy to follow, very cute.

  8. so cute, and I love having the directions right there. Can't wait to try it out

  9. very cute!! not sure about the new format... if you're gonna write the directions on the picture, you don't need the text in between the pictures... make sense?? made me kinda dizzy!! wink!! so either way works for me, but not both. love the heart tho!! you're right, its easy and pretty!! as always, thanks for all you do!!

  10. I put a valentine card on my blog made with you origami heart. Its also on my face page.

  11. I think the directions are fabulous! I just made a heart and I'm going to teach my daughter's 4th grade class how to do them this afternoon. Wish me luck!

  12. Oh Roni, that is perfect! I think the kids and I can make these for their class! The words on the photo are a great addition. Thanks for everything you share. You are a generous woman!

  13. amazing!! i just found you site and LOVE everything you do!! i found it by searching for something to do with bottle caps and your frame came up!thanks for insperation and sharing your site gives me step by step what to do!

  14. I am going to give this a try to put on a Mothers Day card! I'll need to bring my paper over to the computer and do the step by step...and I hope I can figure it all out!
    Super tutorial!

  15. Very good instructions. I did it right the first time. Thank you!

  16. This worked amazing! Made a great little Mothers' Day gift! Thank you so much!

  17. Lol I made it for my friend, she didn't know what it was. It samazing.

    Do you have any other awesomely beautiful origami?!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!