Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beeswax Collage Metal Tin

Cher has asked about using beeswax on metal tins so I whipped one up really quickly using a few bits and scraps I had laying on my desk.

***Disclaimer...this was made really quickly so I didn't take time to smooth out any of the wax or make it look really pretty. It's just for technique and test results. Not something I'd normally share but I'm short on time today so I will make another in the coming days which is more presentable.***

beeswax 3 031

beeswax 3 032

I used a tin that had writing on the lid (it was actually a gift card tin from Christmas). Some of the writing came through after I added my layer of paper, subsequent images hid most of it. Something to keep in mind in case you are going with a particular theme. If you don't want the tins colors/text coming through in your collage you will need to remove it using whatever method desired or apply a coat of gesso to cover the writing. Totally up to you.

As far as adhesion it worked perfectly... I chose to fold the paper over the edges of the lid but a word of caution. The lid (since it's metal) will heat up very quickly. If you heat it too much the paper you fold over on the edges will let go and need to be reattached. No biggie, just something to keep in mind when working with metal.

I covered the tin with Perfect Pearls after it had cooled which took away the sticky feel. The areas with thicker coats of beeswax will dent and ding if banged around much. The thinner areas seemed to be just fine.

HTH Cher and anyone else out there making wanting to work with metals!


  1. Cool experiment Roni. I knew you could do beeswax on canvas and wood, but not on metal. Good to know.


  2. u rock Roni! ty sooooo much! I also wondered about stickiness with the dried beeswax..see...u answer my questions before I even ask them! I am loving your collage too! luv all the learning here...TRULY appreciate you! xox cher

  3. Fabulous Roni - a really great set of tutes. Can't wait to see the next one


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