Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blog Awards...

Hi Everyone!

I have rec'd some blog awards in the last couple months that I hadn't taken care of yet. I bad! I never seem to have quite enough time to get everything done.

I know some people have boycotted awards like this but I think they are fun even though I don't really time to send them on to 27 different's so very time consuming.

I did want to send out thanks to the presenters and post links to their blogs :) It's an honor and I appreciate it!!

Kim @ Inspiration of the Day presented me with this award....

Angela @ Scrap Journal of Angela Holt gave me the 5 Diamonds Award :)

And I rec'd this award from the ladies at

Craft Ideas for All ~ Creative Nimi & Amrita!

Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely awards!

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  1. well u deserve awards for know we would be lost without yout...I have learned much more here than in some of the books I have...which is why I purchased is EXCELLENT and I tell everyone about it...ty for being you! cher


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