Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Storage Answers

Hi Everyone!

Getting around to answering a few more questions. This one pertains to storage...namely how I store embellishments, ephemera and stamps (um & mounted).

UM Stamps

I store all of my UM stamps (both acrylic and rubber) on stamp storage sheets (from Alluring Impressions) in three ring binders. Unfortunately I can't seem to link to AI at the moment... I will post the link as soon as it's working.

I have them sorted by mfg as it's important (for me) to know which stamps come from where when I submit things to various companies. If I didn't care about mfg's I would store them by themes....plant life, flowers, animals, sentiments, etc.

storage 008

storage 007

Mounted Stamps

I still have some stamps mounted on wood either because I love the stamps for art sake or they are some I use for classes or some I just haven't gotten around to um.

These are stored in boot boxes in my wire shelves again by mfg.

storage 009


I have my embellies stored in a variety of containers depending on what they are.

I have most of my ephemeral type embellies stored in Mason Jars or Buckets...

storage 001

(The automotive models on the shelf above my mason jars were made by my son given to me for either Mother's Day or Christmas ;) They are on prominent display in my room!)

storage 003

Smaller Embellishments like brads, eyelets, label holders, woven words, metal tags, alphabet charms, etc. are all stored in tackle box drawers. I believe these are similar to floss containers but if you buy them in the fishing department they are much cheaper ;)

I have some of the mfg. listed on the drawers but most I know by heart.

storage 005

storage 006

Ribbon - I have all of my ribbon stored in plastic jars (by color) that have neat flip tops and closures.

storage 004

This is the shelf on my desk in front of holds my most used items in jelly jars or buckets. It also holds the inks I use most of the time.

storage 010

I have a nice metal shelf that I keep my paper ephemera, canvases, larger collections of embellishments and extra supplies all sorted and stored in various boxes.

HTH and answers any questions :)


  1. omg! look at your stash! lol great ideas!

  2. Wow I just want to get in there and snoop around!!!

  3. Roni -

    Thank you - that gives me some really good ideas for organizing my studio. It really helps and I appreciate you taking the time to answer.

    Elaine Allen

  4. Love it Roni! Your craft area looks like an old fashioned candy shop with all the goodies in jars and baskets! I want to just run my fingers through it all!


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