Thursday, November 5, 2009

Alcohol Ink Violets/Pansies

Woo Hoo!!

I finished up all my Ranger projects, got them photographed and set up in my snapfish account so I'm all set to go!

Before I get to the flowers I wanted to tease you a bit...I have the first set of stamps I designed in my hot little hands!! I sooooooo can't wait to share them with's one thing to see it but it's something else to actually have THE stamps in hand :) In TIME you'll get a peek at them ;)

On with the show...

As promised, I have the written directions for the Alcohol Ink flowers Video that I shared with you all last week.

Alcohol Ink Violets/Pansies

ai violets 001


Adirondack Alcohol Inks - (example colors: Eggplant, Purple Twilight, Sunshine Yellow, Willow & Meadow)

Alcohol Blending Solution

Blending Tool & Felts

Glossy Cardstock

Black Sharpie - Fine Tip (optional)


1. Apply the inks in the pattern shown in the photo:

E = Eggplant

B = Purple Twilight

Circle B = Sunshine Yellow

Dash line = Alcohol Blending Solution

ai violets 002

and here is what your felt will look like inked...

ai violets 003

2. Stamp the flowers on the glossy cardstock in a random pattern. Overlap some of the flowers for a more natural look.

ai violets 004

and here is an example of what your flowers might look like...

ai violets 005

3. Cut a heart shape from one of your felts. It doesn't have to be perfect, just a rough design will work! Ink it up using Meadow and Willow...

ai violets 007

4. Stamp the leaves around and over the flowers... Let the flowers and leaves dry completely.

ai violets 009

5. (Optional) I like to add a rough outline detail to the flowers and leaves. It's not nec. but I like the definition it adds to the over all design. You will notice the difference between the two below:

ai violets 011

Your flowers are ready for use!

These flowers are great additions in scrapbooks, on cards, ATC's, gothic arches, in a collage or altered art project, in an altered book, etc.

Now, don't be afraid to mix up the colors a bit and experiment!

Here are a few more designs using a variety of color combos!

ai violets 013

ai violets 016

ai violets 014

ai violets 015

So now it's your turn!

Have fun and enjoy!!

If you like these flowers be sure and stay tuned...I've been experimenting and have lots more flowers to bring you!!


  1. what a great idea!! hi roni, i would send the pineapple fibre hanky just before christmas. sorry for the delay. been so busy these past few months. take care.

  2. Hello,

    great project you made with the alcohol inks ! thanks for sharing the idea in your blog. They would make great backgrounds or as an embellishment .

    greetings from belgium

  3. Thanks for both the video and the step by step photos and instructions. Great job!


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