Monday, May 23, 2011

Steampunk Frame for Dad

Hi All... 

It's not long till Father's Day so I thought I'd share a few fun projects with a masculine flair in the next couple weeks. 

Today's project is a Steampunk flavored altered collage frame that I incorporated lots of fun bits and bobs I had laying around.  Of course you can substitute any masculine goodies you have in your stash....  actually, I thought about making two more of these with a similar base and incorporating other items I have in my stash to make a nice grouping.  

Here you go...

Steampunk Framed Art for Dad 002


Frame (wide frames work best but any will do)
Vintage Dictionary Pages (or pattern paper)
Studio Multi Medium (Ranger) or other Collage Glue
Distress Stain - Vintage Photo & Walnut Stain - Ranger
Misc Parts...wire, clock parts, tubes, keys, buttons, switches, etc.  (anything rusty, grungy, metal, etc...)
Pattern Paper (Graphic45)


1. Tear up several pages from a dictionary into small pieces approx 1"x2".  Set aside any pictures or diagrams that you particularly like.  

Steampunk Framed Art for Dad 003

2. Glue the torn pieces to the frame using your favorite collage glue.  Reserve the images for the next step.

NOTE: For this particular project I applied the glue only to the backs of each piece...  I wanted to be able to apply and blend in the Distress Inks which won't work if you apply the glue as a top-coat.   If you're not wanting to add color with the inks you can cover both sides of each dictionary page fragment with the glue.

Steampunk Framed Art for Dad 004

3. After you have covered the frame with the page bits, determine general locations where you will be adding your lumpy embellishments.  Now apply the images torn from the dictionary pages that you held back in the last step to the areas that will be left exposed.  That way your nice pictures won't go to waste ;)

Let the glue dry completely.

  Steampunk Framed Art for Dad 005

4. (optional) After the glue has dried if desired, you can ink up the edges of the frame with Distress Stain.  For the edges I applied it directly from the bottle.  For a more controlled way to apply the ink, I tapped my finger on the bottle foam and rubbed the ink around with my finger.  You can apply it however you find works best for you. 

Steampunk Framed Art for Dad 006

Set the frame aside to dry.

5. Since I was going for a lumpy collage I used the glass piece as a template to cut my chipboard.  You can keep the glass for a future project!

Steampunk Framed Art for Dad 007

6. Cut and glue a piece of pattern paper, cardstock or other paper to the chipboard.  This will be your foundation for the collage that you will add to your frame.

7. Embellish the frame and inside as desired.  I used a combination of wire, super glue and super thick & tacky glue to affix my goodies to the frame and chipboard.  You can use whatever you like best.

And here is my Steampunk Frame for Dad...

Steampunk Framed Art for Dad 010

Steampunk Framed Art for Dad 012

This is a really fun project that can be customized for any guy on your list... 
If desired, you could leave the center collage out and use it as a photo frame too.


  1. greta i love it and im sure your dad will too tfs hugs jayne xxx

  2. This is really awesome! I can't believe it started with this frame. Beautiful!

  3. This is cool Roni! Great idea and a super gift.

    Elaine Allen

  4. Awesome! What an uber-cool gift idea!! I love how that turned out!

  5. I really like this!! I like that it doesn't say "Dad" on it and can be used just as decor instead of just as a Dad's gift. No offense to all the Dads out there!! My hubby saw it and thought it was cool!! Now that means a lot!!!

  6. Very cool frame.
    stamping sue

  7. I am in love with your Steampunk frame for dad. This really makes a wonderful guy gift which are the very most difficult gifts of all time. You truly rocked this one...

  8. Another wonderful project that even I can do! Are those clock parts from your alarm clocks that will never look the same to me again.

  9. Hi, beautiful frame. I once I did the picture frame method of newspaper, take a look here



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