Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stamping Beveled Borders

Hi All!

Sorry I missed you all yesterday but it was for a very good reason... I got a new computer yesterday!!! We have only ever had one pc that everyone in our house shares.  We used it for our business, my blog and everything else that you might want a computer for.   It was getting a bit actually just shuts it's self off sometimes...even when you're typing away :S  Soooo, dh being the sweetie he is took me yesterday to get a brand spankin' new fire-breathin' computer for my very own!  I spent all yesterday evening setting it up and this a.m. was spent transferring things over.

He is a bit worried thought...he said I might never leave my craft room now ;)  LOL!!  (If I had a small fridge for my diet coke & a bathroom he might just be right!)

So, I do have a project to share with you today...

((Sorry about the mini photos in the original post... I added Flickr for the first time on this computer and it reset my photo size to 75x75 tiny square!  I just see the code when I'm adding it to my post and didn't even realize they were so small.  Should be all better now.  You can put away your magnifying glasses ;)  lol!!))
Stamped Beveled Borders


Dragonflies & Friends Borders (BSL067) – Stampers Best
Summer Tiles (SCW086) – Stampers Best
Archival Ink (Black) - Ranger
Embossing Ink (Black) - Ranger
Fine Detail Embossing Powder (Black) - Ranger
Distress Stains (Peeled Paint, Wild Honey, Fired Brick, Dusty Concord) - Ranger
Heat It Craft Tool - Ranger
Pop-It Double Stick Foam – Ranger
Cardstock & Pattern Paper – Die Cuts With A View
Dresden Trim – Alpha Stamps
Gemstone Brad – Making Memories
Masking Paper – JudiKins


1. Cut a sheet of pattern paper to 4.5x6.5”.

2. To create the stamped beveled border around the card you will need to stamp one edge of the card at a time. Begin by placing a strip of masking paper diagonally from one corner towards the center. Place a second strip of masking paper on the other end again one end in the corner pointing towards the center as shown in the photo

Wings of Summes Dance 02

3. Stamp edge with your desired images...I am using border stamps but you could use single small images as well.

Wings of Summers Dance 03

4. Remove the masking paper; turn the pattern paper a quarter turn, affix the strips of masking paper in the same fashion as you did in step #2.

5. Stamp the borders in the same fashion as you did in step #3.

6. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the remaining two sides. Set the pattern paper aside to dry.

Wings of Summers Dance 04

7. On a scrap sheet of white cardstock, stamp the large flower Summer Tile x4 using black embossing ink. Sprinkle black Fine Detail embossing powder over all of the images and heat to melt.

8. After the embossed images have cooled, ink with desired color(s) of Distress Stain(s). Card Example: Wild Honey, Fired Brick & Dusty Concord = Base Tile; 2nd layer = Peeled Paint; 3rd layer = Dusty Concord; 4th Layer = Wild Honey.

Wings of Summers Dance 06
9. Trim one complete Summer Tile; this will be your flower foundation. Cut various sections of the center flower medallion from each of the remaining tiles. Adhere each of the 2nd – 4th layers of the trimmed flowers to the base tile using double stick foam tape adding a gemstone brad to the upper most layer. Mat this finished tile on gold and black cardstock.

Wings of Summers Dance 05

10. Mat the insect border on desired color of cardstock. Glue bits of Dresden Trim to the insect border to cover the intersecting lines where the border images were beveled.

11. Affix the completed Summer Flower Tile to the card.

And here is the finished example...

Wings of Summers Dance 01

Pretty cool results huh?

I have to tell you, this was the first project that I used the Distress Stains in other than just messing around.  I LOVE how intense they are and how easy it is to blend them.  I of course did end up very ink stained fingers because I was doing part of the blending with my fingertips ;)  LOL!!  It was fun though and I think the final results are amazing.

Hope you have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Very cool! Pic of finished card is teeny - clicked on it to view on Flickr.

    Congrats on new computer.

  2. Oh it is a joyous day to get a new computer. Amazing how quickly technology moves forward and leaves us in the lacking lane. Your border is fabulous. Happy computing in lightening speed...

  3. The card is fabulous -those distressed stains look great.

  4. Cool technique. Isn't lovely to have a new computer, so much faster and so much space.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Fantastic card! Love seeing the stains in use.

    Congrats on the new computing power. I'm amazing that ya'll were all using one! We have 3 for the two of us and probably 6 more in pieces and parts! The joy of having a techno geek hubby, LOL!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS on having a NEW computer of YOUR VERY OWN!!! You'll love it!

  7. I love this card! The layers flower is so beautiful! So is the border..great technique, thanks!!

    Congrats on getting your own computer!!! New ones are so fun and just waiting to be filled with goodness! I have my own's sitting in the corner, unplugged! Sad, huh? It needs some more work..unfortunately I don't have a techno geeky hubby!

  8. Awesome card. Congrats on your new computer

  9. great way of creating a frame Roni :)
    Von x

  10. Really pretty, I am going to have to get some ink stains. Been resisting but it won't last forever.

  11. o wow that is a awesome idea..tfs..loves ya

  12. Great tutorial Roni. I love the results, what an awesome look. Really have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Elaine Allen

  13. This is a great look....I'll need to give it a try! Just when I think I've learned everything there is about come along and surprise me again!


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