Monday, May 16, 2011

Stampers Best

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed the new little buttons I added to the blog last week but I wanted to share a little something with you today...

Possibly to help counter the sad news of several recent and current closings in the crafting market place I wanted to tell you about a place that in addition to selling awesome rubber stamps also offers an AMAZING deal on mounting foam and storage boards. 

That place would be Stampers Best

Now I originally found this site when I was searching for an alternative to EZ Mount Foam. 

My stamp evolution.....

Originally I started off stamping with only wood mounted stamps.  After a bit the storage of so many wood mounted stamps became an issue I decided I wanted to go UM so I bought EZ Mount Foam.  After taking all the time, $'s and energy to convert to EZMount I was sadly disillusioned because in addition to the foam being expensive, it was a real pain to mount (due to the sticky issue) and then after a year or so the darn stamps turned around and started to slide right off the foam!!!!  It was a disaster!

So I then went to plain rubber dies.  I still get good impressions with these plain rubber images but I had to use double stick adhesive on my stamping blocks (which is a pain because you have to clean and apply more adhesive often) and storage was a whole other issue.  I tried sticking them to my storage pages with a bit of double stick adhesive and they kept falling off whenever I moved my albums.  So most of my UM rubber dies have been sitting around in baggies...large ones for misc. stamps, medium and smaller size baggies to keep sets together, etc.

Fast forward to now...and my pile of baggies!  I really needed to find a better and less expensive solution.  So I went in search of and found this amazing place...  Stampers Best!

A bit about Stampers Best....(Taken from Satisfaction Guaranteed page.)

"We offer premium quality deep etch rubber stamps and high density cling cushion mounting foam at low prices. Producing and stocking large quantities enables us to pass the savings on to you.

You have probably used our art stamps and cling cushion already. We are starting our 8th year of private label manufacturing deep etch rubber stamps for many companies worldwide (see We enjoy a reputation for excellent quality and superior customer service. Our rubber stamps are beautifully detailed and made with natural gum rubber. You will get fantastic impressions on a wide variety of surfaces using any crafting inks.

All StampersBest rubber stamp designs can be ordered as either UnMounted or ClingStamps. Cling cushion mounting foam is available in single sheet packs and bulk rolls. After you try our cling cushion, you will never overpay for so called 'brand name' cling cushion mounting foam again!

All products are proudly Made in USA, in stock and shipped at low rates within 1-3 business days. "

Now after reading this I was very excited to give them a try!  The first thing I noticed about the cling mounted sheets even before ordering was that they are significantly larger than the normal sheets of mounting foam.  Each sheet (except for the intro offer sheets) are 9x12" - 14.5 square inches more than the regular sheets at a fraction of the cost! That's alot of space to mount more stamps!!

I ordered the 20 sheet pack of mounting foams which with the flat $6.00 shipping charge works out to $2.05 a sheet ($1.85 a sheet w/o shipping).  A GREAT price when you consider a single 8.5 x 11" sheet of EZ Mount Foam is $4.95 w/o shipping!!

I have since mounted my stamps which went very quickly and cleanly compared to EZ Mount.  Of course I can't say anything about what it will be like in a year from now but at this point for the price, ease of use and over-all satisfaction I am very happy with this product.

If you would like to give Stampers Best a try I wanted to point their great

$12.00 this offer includes...

2) 4" x 6" UnMounted deep etch rubber stamps / collections

1) Cling Storage Card - 8.5" x 11"

1) Cling Cushion Sheet (8.5" x 11")
Please note: This is the only listing where the cling sheet is not 9" x 12"
(It's 8.5 x 11 to fit the single sheet package.)

In addition to this wonderful offer if you sign up for a FREE Premium Membership and use the coupon code: Inkstains ~ you will get an additional 10% off your initial order!!!

*Note: There is no expiration date on this discount code but it is only good for your first order when you sign up for the Premium Membership (which is free).

All this and I haven't even touched on their Stamps!! 
More to come on that in the future as
I will also be doing a bit of design work for Stampers Best! 
Here are a couple sneak peeks at some projects in the works....

SB - Summer Tiles - Distressed Grid

SB - Summer Flower Card 008

Now as an added little bonus I thought it would be fun to give away a bit of the mounting foam for you to try for yourself!

So, go over and check out Stampers Best and tell me what interests you....could be a stamp set, the foam, mounting sheets...etc..  Whatever it is, let us know what you're thinkin'!

You'll be entered to win  one of two 1/2 sheets of Stampers Best Mounting Foam!

You have until 5-30-11 to enter to win!

Good Luck Friends!! 


  1. I have been having the same problem with me stamps, so thank you for introducing Stampers Best!

  2. Boy, am I saddened about Addicted to Rubber Stamps going out of business. However, thanks for introducing us to Stampers Best. I took a look around and will definitely be ordering the polycarbonate storage pages as my stamp collection is in much need of organization!

  3. Thanks a bunch for sharing. I'll check it out.
    Hugs, Amy

  4. It's funny that you posted this because I just started unmounting my stamps this weekend. I was going to use glue sticks and just mount the stamps to the acrylic blocks that way, but then I saw a Stampers Best video on Youtube and thought I might give them a try! I just checked out their site and I love the Vintage Postal stamp set and the Vintage Lace Border and 7 Vintage Border stamps. I'm definitely going to place an order today. Thanks for the info and the coupon code!

  5. I too have struggled with the stamp storage issue. I am eager to try their product out after your review. Stampers Best has darling stamp sets at reasonable prices and am anxious to check out all of their tutorials. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Thanks for the heads up on Stampers Best, Roni. Just placed my order for the introductory set plus a couple of single stamps. Like you, I've tried different ways of storing my unmounted stamps - none of them very successfully. So, I'm really interested in the cling cushion sheet and cling storage card.

  7. Your story sounds like my rubber mess! I'm looking forward to trying the cushion!

  8. I always wander into the stamps section, and next thing you know, I have a wish list that just goes on...that fossil background stamp is nice, and the train station...and Venus de Milo -- gotta have that! But I'll tell you what I really like. Lots of US sites don't ship to Canada. Or, if they do, the prices are inflated and the shipping is astronomical! I've had sites refuse to honour the sale prices because "they are only for Americans". But these people ship to Canada for a flat fee, which is posted up front. So, I will know what my shipping is, and not be surprised when I get my MasterCard bill. That goes a long way with me! Which means that I may have my own Venus de Milo stamp very soon!

  9. I just took advantage of the introductory offer at Stampers Best. That really is a good deal. Thanks for sharing the info.

  10. I'm interested in getting the introductory set too... the cling cushion sheet and the cling storage card are what I'm most interested in!
    Thanks for sharing your find with us!

  11. Ooh thanks for the info ,i was very impressed with 'Stampers best'.Shall tell all my friends.
    I was very interested in their background stamps,as it's one thing i don't have.Cheers Roni.xx

  12. I ordered not 1, but 2 introductory sets along with 3 backgrounds! I loved that some of the stamps had photos of sample cards made them and some even had videos. Great customer service, too...I wanted the beautiful woodcut flowers collection to be professionally cut and mounted, but that wasn't an option as part of the intro set. So they created a special page for me to order from to accommodate this...after hours! After you sign up for a premium membership, wait a few minutes and then check out the premium offers page. Can't wait for my stamps to come!

  13. I haven't had any problems with mine yet. Let's see if I do.
    I like the Sunflower Background Rubber Stamp. It's really beautiful.

  14. cool technique! will share with my Voila, Ink! inking/stamping Group over at bella creations :)

  15. Awesome site..Thanks! I have some unmounted stamps and have tried using various types of methods that don't always work!! I can't wait to get my intro package!

    I LOVE the Woodland Flowers and fossil the motorcycles and, well, so many many more! Thanks for sharing Stampers Best and the coupon!!

    You ROCK Roni!

  16. Roni -

    Thanks for the information on this company. I will give them a try cause lord knows I need to organize my stamps - LOL!

    Elaine Allen

  17. I'd like to try the stamping foam. I've never used anything on the back of my UMs except Wacky Tac, a repositionable glue. I like the idea of the foam.

  18. Oh love their stamps! Would love to have the pansy border and some of their cling mount, EZ mount is so messy to work with!

  19. Great tips! I've been using EZ Mount to organize my stamps, but it IS pricey... I agree with those who say it gets stickier as it ages. Mounting small stamps using EZ Mount is almost impossible! (Although the new, thinner EZ Mount foam sheets--made out of black foam instead of gray--work better for me than the old ones!) Conclusion: Kind-of-sort-of looking for a replacement product, soooo... most interested in Stamper's Best mounting foam!


  20. I am looking for a good "cling" type storage for my UM's so this post is perfect!
    I am most interested in the introductory offer at Stampers Best. I looked through all their stamps and am VERY impressed. I must have Vintage Post and the Cherub etchings(or something like that)... and so many great backgrounds and borders, too. The Winter Animal set~ love!
    How long does your 10% off with your code last?
    Thanks for being such an enabler, Roni!

  21. I have added it to the post but I wanted to be sure to add it here in the comments as well.

    There is no expiration date for the Discount Code. It is good for 10% off your first order when you sign up for the Premium Membership which is free.

    So, you can take advantage of it week...or whenever you would like!

    HTH :)

  22. Looks like a great site. A number of their background stamps and the tile stamp sets caught my eye. However shipping to Canada is only by Priority Envelope which would be more that the introductory offer :( Maybe I need a really big order so offset the shipping :)


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!