Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy May!!

Yes I know...these are actually a day late but since yesterday was a Sunday I didn't want anyone to miss out on such a fun post so I thought I'd save it for today :)


Flower: Lily of the Valley, Hawthorn.

Zodiac Signs: Gemini / The Twins / May 21 - June 21

Birthstone: Emerald, agate.

This month is just jam packed with various month long holidays/observances.


International Respect for Chickens Month
(ROFLOL!!!  Have you hugged a chicken this month?)

National Barbecue Month
(hmmmm, same month as Chicken Month?!?!?)

National Skin Care Awareness Month

American Lung Association Clean Air Campaign

National Good Car Care-Keeping Month 

Better Sleep Month

National Hamburger Month

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

National Bike Month

National Mine Month
(hmmm, wonder if this is like a coal "mine" or It's "mine)
National Safety Month

National Duckling Month
(well that's only fair since it's chicken month...ducks need their lovin' too!)
Get Caught Reading Month

Transportation Month
(great time for some steampunk/transportation projects huh?)

 National Photo Month

National Scrapbooking Month
(goes hand in hand with National Photo Month!)
National Scholarship Month

Asparagus Month

National Salad Month

Pacific American Heritage Month
Date Your Mate Month

National Egg Month

Family Support Month

National Promote Your Ideas Month 

Creative Beginnings Month

National Salsa Month

Moms Are Marvelous Month 

National Beef Month
(gosh, beef, chickens, ducks...where are the pigs and goats???)
National Motorcycle Safety Month

National Teaching and Joy Month
Flower Month

National Strawberry Month

Personal History Awareness Month 


Week One

Read to Me Week

Clear Air Week

National Herb Week

National Music week

National Be Kind to Animals Week

National Teacher Appreciation Week

National Computer Education Week

National Family Reading Week

National Tourism Week

National Family Week

National Raisin Week

National Safe Kids Week

National Postcard Week
(ROCK ON!! How cool is this???)

Jewish Heritage Week

National Wildflower Week

Cartoon Appreciation Week

National Nurses Week (6- 12)

Week Two

National Pet week

National Bike Week

National Music Week

Universal Family Week

National Etiquette Week

National Historic Preservation Week

Week Three

Astronomy Week

Hurricane Awareness Week

National Transportation week

National New Friends, Old Friends Week

Week Four

National Shoe Week

National Pickle Week

National Safe Boating Week

Good Stewardship Week


May 1,

Cheerios Birthday
Hawaiian Lei Day
Labor Day
 (Mexico and Canada)
Loyalty Day
May Day
Chocolate Parfait Day
Mother Goose Day
Save a Rhino Day
Stepmother's Day

May 2

Brother/Sister Day
National Baby's day
Sibling Appreciation Day

May 3

Kite Day
Lumpy Rug Day
Make-A-Book Day
Raspberry Tart Day
Paranormal Day
(Awesome! Do you believe?)

May 4

4-H Birthday
Baseball League Day
National Kids Fitness Day
Orange Juice Day
Respect for Chickens Day
Space Day
Youth Day In China

May 5

Cinco De Mayo
Chipolte Day
Japan's Childrens Day
Museum Lover's Day

May 6

No Homework Day
National Nurse's Day
National Hoagie Day
National Beverage Day
International No Diet Day

May 7

137th Kentucky Derby
National Scrapbook Day
Paste-up Day
National Tourism Day

May 8

Mother's Day!
No Sock Day
Have A Coke Day
(Can we make it a Diet Coke?)National Teacher's Day
International Red Cross Day

May 9

Tear the Tags Off the Mattress Day
Hurray for Buttons Day
Butterscotch Brownie Day

May 10

Blood Pressure Day
National Receptionist Day
Clean Up Your Room Day
National Small Business Day!
Shrimp Day
Root Canal Appreciation Day

May 11

Jigsaw Puzzle Day
Eat What You Want Day
National Military Spouse Appreciation Day

May 12

Migratory Bird Day
Native American Rights Day

May 13

Apple Pie Day
Tulip Day
Windmill Day
Cough Drop Day
Astronomy Day
National Babysitter's Day

May 14

Crazy Day
Motorcycle Day
National Dance Like A Chicken Day
(Do the Chicken Dance!!)

May 15

Dinosaur Day
Nylon Stockings Day
Chocolate Chip Day

May 16

Wear Purple For Peace Day
Spaghetti-O Day
National Sea Monkeys Day

May 17

Pack Rat Day
(YES!  This is so my day!)
Child Safety Awareness Day
Cherry Cobbler Day

May 18

Mount St. Helens Erupted
International Museum Day
Visit Your Relative's Day

May 19

Peace Day
Frog Jump Day
National Garage Sale Day
Circus Day

May 20

Flower Day
Strawberries Day
Blue Jeans Birthday
(Levi Recieved Patent)\

May 21

Neighbor Day
Victoria Day
Strawberries & Cream Day

May 22

Toothpaste Tube Birthday
National Maritime Day
Vanilla Pudding Day

May 23

Lucky Penny Day
National Taffy Day
Sea Turtle Day
World Turtle Day
National Pickle Day

May 24

Tiara Day
Brother's Day
Scavenger Hunt Day

May 25

National Missing Children's Day
International Sing-out Day!
National Tap Dance Day
National Something day
Wine Day

May 26

Dracula's Birthday
Blueberry Cheesecake Day
Cherry Dessert Day

May 27

International Jazz Day
Grape Popsicle Day

May 28

Whooping Crane Day
May 29

Pink Flamingo Day
Honor your Ancestors Day
John F. Kennedy's Birthday

May 30

Loomis Day
Hole in My Bucket Day
Memorial Day
May 31

World No Tobacco Day
National Macaroon Day
National Meditation Day

To help celebrate Spring being in full swing, Make a Book Day and National Tourisim Month I thought I'd give away this fun set of Bug stamps and the nifty tag book!

May 001

To be entered to win, tell me where your dream vacation would take you.... be it asome far off land, somewhere here in the states or even your own back yard for a bit of rest and relaxation....or maybe even your craft room for a bit of inky fun!

You have until 5-15-11 to enter to win.

Good Luck Friends!


  1. Dream vacation? Touring Europe! (btw, forgot one for birthday lol)

  2. My dream vacation would be traveling all over this great USA!In a RV!
    Love your blog just found it not long ago

  3. As cold & rainy our spring has been, I'd be happy for anyplace with two days in a row of sunshine & 70+ degrees!

  4. I believe National Scrapbook Day is May 5. I don't scrapbook, but I know lots of people who do, so thought I would throw the DAY in.

    My dream vacation would be Europe, Asia, and Africa. If I had enough time and money left over, I would go to Australia. I love it all!

  5. Hi Roni -

    That is just wrong, Chicken Day and Barbque day in the same month? I'm sure the chickens, ducks and cows are up in arms about that!
    My favorite dream vacation would be to get up close and personal with all the wonderful works of art in the museums of the world. To be allowed the ability to look real close, to touch, oh yeah . . . that's a dream vacation!

    Elaine Allen

  6. Yummm, Asparagus month! Can't wait till mine pops up! My dream vacation would be a Tim Holtz stamping cruise! A girl can dream right?

  7. My dream vacation since I was a kid is Egypt and to sail down the Nile. I've been a lot of places but haven't gotten there yet.

  8. My dream vacation? well, as i have only ever been away once on holiday.anywhere would be nice!!
    But a trip to Jersey to see my son would be awesome.rosie.xx

  9. My dream vacation? a few days away in a warm and sunny location with friends, good food, and some art-making fun! some place where I don't have to cook, clean, do laundry, etc. :-) Anne, yourmainestamper

  10. Dream vacation would be anywhere with great company and warm weather. oh and no phone!!

  11. My dream vacation would be a Scrapbooking cruise to the Caribbean. I have it on my bucket list.

  12. Ireland! Have akways wanted to go there.

  13. my dream Viena, anywhere in Europe..would do it..thanks Roni..loves ya

  14. My dream vacation this year will be a trip to Maui. I have never been and even my daughter says it is a must. So Mr. C is planning a Christmas in Maui if all goes well. My first granddaughter has her birthday May 9th so it is her favorite month. Marvelous May to you Roni...

  15. My dream vacation would take me on a Tim Holtz cruise. I've never met the man but I hear he is Great. I'm already in love with all his products. Some day!! Thanks so much for the great giveaway. Shari (cricutrookie)

  16. My Dad used to take us on vacation (can you say..Road Trip?!!!!) all over the USA every summer. I loved it!! I'd love to do that again...with hubby and no worries abut the cost of fuel, motels, eats, etc. I'm going to make myself dream of that tonight!!!

  17. Love all the May holidays...but have to admit that my favorite May holiday is my birthday, LOL!
    So, as far as vacations go, I would love to take an Alaskan cruise. Everyone who has gone on one says it's the BEST! Seeing the glaciers up close would be so amazing and awe inspiring!

  18. I would love to do a crafting cruise. Wouldn't have to cook, clean just make things and relax on board ship.

  19. Thanks for the tip about the video. I know who to turn to if I have any problems learning to use pc. I love this stamp set, so thanks for the chance to win.

  20. OMG! I was not aware that each day was a special day.. or several special occasions in fact *lol*

    My fave vacation would be travelling with my mum through Europe, probably by train - and I'd LOVE to go by the oriental express! (Poirot fan)
    Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  21. What a wondefulr question! I would love to go to Nepal and sip tea in the Himalayas.

  22. My dream vacation would be to see the art museums and antique flea markets of Europe. Seeing and shopping, what could be better?!

  23. I have always wanted to go to Yellowstone National Park. I would like to see the Grand Canyon on the way. My husband says he will take me some day and he wants to go to Vegas too while we are out that way. We are going to take a month to do it and bring our camper and our 2 dogs.

  24. happy Chicken May!
    Seychelles, under a palm!

  25. My dream vacation is to tour Italy. See the ancient sights, and eat pasta!
    Elaine in Jersey

  26. My Dream Vacation: Take each of my children to do one thing of their choice. That would make me happy :D
    Thank you for offering this delicious candy; we do a lot of traveling and I would LOVE to make a tag book!

  27. Anywhere that had horses would be great!

  28. I love Respect for Chickens Day! We have 3 pet chickens that roam around in our yard, so it's appropriate that I celebrate it tomorrow!
    Disneyland is my vacation destination of choice. I've been going there since I was a kid and it still has very special memories for me. It IS the happiest place on earth!

  29. This awesome stamp set sure caught my eye :) I'd love to fly off to Greece--been a dream since I was young! I love sitting in the shade on a nice warm day with some beautiful sand and water in front of me :)

  30. dream Vacation....hmmm right now I'm thinking Italy...and really all of Europe :) cool giveaway too:) off to find out the best ways to respect chickens this that is to funny!

  31. A cool vacation would be somewhere where you don´t have to do any cooking, no cleaning, etc. and just be pampered and given some time off from the pressures of everyday life.....take an art workshop...hike in the mountains,,,
    have a wellness week and just relax.

  32. Love this list! Thanks for posting... I'm using it for some scrappy inspiration this month.

  33. My dream holiday would be a trip to iceland to see the fjords and volcanoes followed by a tour of italy to thaw out.

  34. my dream vacation would be touring Paris or England or even Austria. Anyone of those 3 would do. Love your blog and follow. thank you.

  35. MAURITIUS! :) :) :) Ohhhh, that would be the day! *sigh*


  36. My dream vacation would take me to the british Isles.

  37. My dream vacation would be camping in the forest somewhere. Not TOO far out, but somewhere I could enjoy the filtered sunlight under the trees and perhaps have a lake nearby for swimming. And of course all my kids and grandkids would be there, and it would be for a week! And we would hike and play and see the nearby sights.... sigh. And I would get up early every morning and enjoy the quiet before everyone was up, and take an early swim if it was warm enough... yes that's my dream vacation.

  38. Dream Vacation. Hmm I guess a round the world trip would be greedy.

    I would love to cruise the Caribbean, after a week in Vegas. That sounds pretty idyllic.

  39. We like to go camping as a family, but that is the only type of vacation we can afford... I love it, but a DREAM vacation would be on one of those fancy ships that cruise the great ports of Europe. Think about not having to pack your suitcase up every morning! This dream cruise has fun stuff for the kids to do while at sea, and Tim heads the craft area where my husband & I take his classes. I am the lucky winner of the last day Grand prize drawing: The Vagabond and every Sizzix die and embossing folder that Tim has designed, plus everything that he put out at the last CHA! HA! So fun to dream : )
    Thank you for the chance, Roni!

  40. My dream vacation...Alaska. Taking time to hike and fish along the way...plenty of scrapbooking fodder along the way. Thanks for giving me a chance to win!

  41. My dream vacation? Definitely the American West. :)

    Happy creating,


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!