Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 Technique Calendar Recap (with links)

It's hard to believe that we've finished the calendar already...
12 fun techniques to start the year off right!

Here is a recap of the months, techniques, links and other bits of info.

The two dies I've been using for each month are:

Here is the Template link for the pennant I am using as well as links on where to find great mini calendar templates.

2013 Technique Calendar Recap 001
2013 Technique Calendar Recap 002
(It's safe to heat the hair spray with the heat tool - I haven't had any trouble with noxious fumes or worse when I've done it.)
2013 Technique Calendar Recap 005
I hope you've all enjoyed this calendar
that you'll join me again next January for the
2014 Technique Calendar!


  1. Hi Roni, thanks for the recap. It looks great together. I didn't realise you had been doing this for other years. Will have to look back thru your archve. Will definately be using some of these techniques.

  2. Great techniques. I am using them again this year on my swap ATC's. Gives me a chance to try all the techniques in miniature. Thanks as always for sharing.


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