Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Technique Calendar - March - Rubber Band Crazy String

Today I have another fun embossing technique for you ~ this time it's paired with a rubber band and brayer!

2013 Tech Cal - March 001

1. Wrap the rubber band around the brayer several times.  I do it until it feels like the rubber band is going to snap.

2013 Tech Cal - March 002

2. Next roll the brayer over your embossing ink until all sides of the rubber bands/brayer has been inked. 

Remember: Don't rock the brayer back and forth or you'll have dashes instead of lines ;)

3. Run the brayer across the cardstock several times in different directions.  Re-ink between each set of lines.

2013 Tech Cal - March 003

4. Sprinkle on your embossing powder.  I am using gold for March but you can use any color you like. 

2013 Tech Cal - March 004

5. Shake off excess and heat to emboss.

2013 Tech Cal - March 005

6. Trim the paper to fit your pennant.

7. Use desired inks & ink blending tool to color the background.  I am using 3 different shades of green Distress Ink.

2013 Tech Cal - March 006

You'll be amazed at how much the lines stand out when you're finished!

2013 Tech Cal - March 007

8. Embellish as desired!

2013 Tech Cal - March 011

I told you these techniques were going to be fun!
Amazing results too huh?
Hope you're playing along
enjoying making your calendar!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!