Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 Technique Calendar - November - Double Stamped Watercolor Images

Today I have a fun technique for you that works with all sorts of stamps and for all occasions & holidays.


Dye Ink
Glossy Cardstock
Heat Tool


1. Tape your cardstock down to your work top.  This will help keep the cardstock flat after you add the water.

2. Mist the cardstock with water.  You want it to be fairly wet.

2013 Technique Calendar - November 001

3. Ink up your stamp with a variety of inks and stamp it onto the wet cardstock.  It's o.k. if the inks run and blend together.  This is the look you're going for. These will be your watercolor type images. Here is what my cardstock looked like at this point.

2013 Technique Calendar - November 002

4. Let your paper dry naturally or speed up the drying process with the heat tool. 

2013 Technique Calendar - November 003

5.  Ink up the same image again with a variety of inks and stamp over each of the original "watercolor" images. You will now have defined images over the watercolor images as shown.

  2013 Technique Calendar - November 004

6. For a bit more color I sponged yellow ink to the background.

2013 Technique Calendar - November 005
And here is what my finished calendar page looks like....
2013 Technique Calendar - November 010
Just think of all the fun combinations you can come up with for this technique!
I especially love it when I'm working with flower images.
It's your turn!
Only one more month to go!


  1. Great tutorial,this technique is really effective,with a stunning end result.Thanks for sharing.Jacqueline.S

  2. These techniques seem so quick and easy but such beautiful results. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these techniques. I am really enjoying them and trying them out as well. I am not making the calendar but using the techniques to make cards. I am learning lots and starting to think outside of that box as well which is just what I needed. Thank you again keep these techniques coming even after the calendar is finished.

  4. Love the watercolor look! I love the flourish you've used on each of the calendar pages. What is the die you've used? I'd love to get it!!


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