Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Technique Calendar - December - Groovy Inks

Last page for our 2013 Technique Calendar!
I'm a bit sad that we're finished with it, it's been so much fun but all good things you know...

Let's get to the technique ~

Groovy Inks

This is a technique I came up with a while ago but again, it's one that I don't play with often enough.  It's so very easy, incorporates common mediums and the results are spectacular!

2013 Technique Calendar - December 001


Glossy Cardstock
Alcohol Inks
Hair Spray


1. Cover your glossy cardstock with an ample layer of hair spray...puddles are o.k.  You want enough so your alcohol inks will stay liquid quite a while and can move freely over the paper.

2013 Technique Calendar - December 003

2.  Add several drops of  each color(s) of Alcohol Ink.  I like to stick to 1-3 colors so they don't get too muddy which can happen.

2013 Technique Calendar - December 004

3.  With your finger gently move the inks around the paper.  You will notice that the inks will travel with various degrees of intensity for a nice color variation.  You can cross the colors over each other but not too much...again, you don't want to make mud.    If you notice that your colors aren't moving as freely as you would like you can spritz on more hairspray. 

If you don't want to use your finger you can always tilt the paper too and fro to create an interesting pattern.  Shoot, you can even do this after you mix it with your fingers.

Here is what my inks look like....

2013 Technique Calendar - December 005

4.  You will need to let the ink/hair spray mix dry completely.  I usually speed up drying with my heat tool.  If you do use the heat tool you want to keep it moving over the mix as it can heat up and start to bubble up.

Here is my December page...

2013 Technique Calendar - December 006

2013 Technique Calendar - December 008

So there you go...
a calendar full of nifty techniques
that can be incorporated into all of your projects!

Tomorrow I'll be posting a recap of all the techniques plus links in case you missed any.
I'd love to see how you've used these techniques.  If you'd like to share a link to any of your creations, please feel free to post them for all to see!


  1. I really enjoy the calendar series you do each year. It gives me so many new ideas and techniques. Thanks for doing it again this year. WRE

  2. I have followed your calendar techniques and just love every single one. I havent had time to start yet so i have been saving all your posts. I see you are going to recap tomorrow. Great idea, for me anyway. Thanks, an avid follower, sue

  3. Stunning technique - love the background and the pennant you've created.

  4. I love using AIs!!! I don't get to all that often though so this page is awesome! I'd love to see the whole calendar put together and see how you display it! Can't wait to see what's next!!!

  5. Thank you so much for your calendar techniques. They are great and all I have to do is find some time to play and try them out. I hope you will find a new project for us where you can share some more of your techniques.
    Thanks again!!!

  6. I'm sorry it's over too! Love these. This last one is especially gorgeous. I'm wondering about heating the hairspray to speed up drying. I wouldn't want to gas myself unconscious with those fumes. I guess it's best to open a window nearby.

  7. Another fab technque. Really beautiful and easy background. Thanks for the tips

  8. What a great technique :) thank you for sharing it
    Von ♥


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