Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Technique Calendar - Templates

It's time to prepare for the 2013 Technique Calendar!!
If you're joining us for the first time let me explain a bit about this calendar.  Each year I share 12 different techniques to be paired with each month of the year creating a very personal and unique calendar to use yourself or give as a gift.
In the past we have made -
A CD Calendar (2010)
CD Calendar - May 008
A Ticket Calendar (2011)
Ranger Tech Calendar - December - Beeswax 007
A House Calendar (2012)
2012 Tech Calendar - Feb - Floating Stars 007
 this year I've decided to make
a Pennant/Banner Calendar!!
Below is the template I plan to use.  I suggest cutting a piece of chipboard 5.5x 7.5".  Place the piece of chipboard so it is Portrait style (short sides top & bottom), make a mark on the bottom edge of the chipboard at 2.75".  Now make a cut from the upper corners to this 2.75" mark.    You'll end up with a perfect pennant template to cut your foundation and technique papers.
I am going to be using recycled chipboard (from either cereal boxes or old game boxes) for the base of my calendar pages.  I won't be working directly on these base pages, I will use separate cardstock or other papers for the techniques then glue the finished pages to the chipboard base.  I find it's easier to do this than trying to find the "perfect" chipboard for each technique. It also allows me to cut all of the bases ahead of time.
Normally I use 6 pages and put a calendar on each side and display only the current month.  But since we're using pennants this year you might choose to make 12 individual pages/pennants and actually string them all together to make a calendar banner so all 12 months are viewable at one time.
The Calendar....
Now as far as the calendar goes you have many options out there.  You may have a calendar maker in some program you already have or you might use one of these....
(my favorite)
If you scroll down about 2/3rds of the way you'll see over a dozen different calendars to choose from. 
I will begin sharing the chosen techniques next Monday so that gives you this weekend to cut your chipboard pages and decide which calendar you'd like to use, print and trim.
I always try to use products that are fairly common or can be substituted.  With this in mind, I hope many of you decide to play along and share photos of your progress as we work through the months!


  1. ok I think I'm going to challenge myself to play along with what you do this year...I just love all your new techniques!

  2. Hi, so your diagram the finished pennant size? 5.5" x 7.5" or only 2.75" wide by 7.5" long? Wondering if my Spellbinders pennant dies would work...easier on my hands. Thanks, nan

  3. Ohhh! I can't wait! I'll be playing along!

  4. Count me in! This sounds like fun! :)

  5. I'm new to the blogging thing. But this looks like fun. Count me in.

  6. Hmmmm CD's!! That's an idea for upcyclng. Usually I hang them in the garden t scare the birds off my vegetables but maybe craft is a more worthy cause........


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