Friday, January 4, 2013

Girlfriend Puuhleeze! Retro Album

Today I wanted to share a project with you that was turned into a kit for Altered Pages....

AP - Girlfriend Please! Album - 01

My own description of this album ~

A smart ass BFF poke fun, raise your spirits, full of moxie, tell it like it is, kick in the butt, spunky little album!  It's full of fun retro women images, some of my smart ass sayings, lots of great retro papers and more. 

I actually made this album with my Mom in mind but it's great for all those important women in your life.

This album is a clumination of many different inspiring offerings.... I initially had this idea quite some time ago when I was looking through my list of smart ass comments which I later shared here on the blog.  I knew some of them would pair very well with some of the retro women collage images from Altered Pages. I wasn't sure what papers I would use though because nothing really "fit" with what I had in mind so I just let the idea simmer for a while. 

THEN, Glitz came out with their Cashmere Dame line of papers and embellishments this past fall.  I knew this was it!!  This line of paper has a definate retro vibe with a bit of attitude thrown in.  PERFECT for what I had in mind.

Since it was going to be such a different type of album I decided that I should throw in lots of fun interactive pages to push it over the top.  So, there are 2 pages that have pockets to hold several tags; a page of flip up pennants; a record hiding a great quote; a side flip mini page; and finally a tri-fold hidden flip page that reveals 4 different quips! 

AP - Girlfriend Please! Album - 07-a

This book such fun to make and the best part is there are lots of extra sentiments and retro women images so you can copy the album exactly as it's laid out or you can take bits and pieces to personalize it and make it all your own!

AP - Girlfriend Please! Album - 12

I really put my heart into this album and had fun doing so. 
I hope that whomever decides to purchase and make this album enjoys it as much as I have!


  1. This is so cool! Love the pennant pages! My hubby got me your book for Christmas and I LOVE it! :)

  2. Roni, another big hit! There is nothing better than a project that celebrates the inner dialogue that unites all women! So much fun! I see this kit a a must have for my friends for Valentine's Day.

  3. I finally figured out what I "REALLY" want to give my daughter & maybe my oldest granddaughter for Valentine's Day!! You're my idol!! hee hee!! Does a copy of your "smart ass remarks" come with it???

  4. Wow! I love this album! Very creative and it makes me grin!


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